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  1. Well however it does, it's just odd to me if the game has suddenly decided that 00000 isn't an acceptable value, when it's been with us all these years. @Kaphotics mentioned above that the game doesn't 'like' an all-zero ID, but the number is definitely within range
  2. So with that SID/TID, you can play the game AND view the trainer card? Weird that the trainer card is dependent on the SID that isn't even displayed...
  3. This seems very similar to my issue, which involves setting ONLY the SID to zero, with values in the TID. It also doesn't seem to effect pks caught while my ID is set as #####/00000, they are caught and assigned the ID without issue. Also, I can start the game and play it just fine, only problem I am seeing is display of trainer card. Has this always been the case, or is this new with BDSP?
  4. Not sure if this is where this goes, but I found an issue with displaying the trainer card. If you edit SID to have a value of zero, the trainer card fails to display. I have tested this a few different ways (and on the latest pkhex release) and this seems to be what causes the issue. Attached is a screenshot of what happens when you try to view the trainer card after setting SID to zero.
  5. Thanks so much for the new version, always impressed how quickly y'all are able to get the latest game supported I wanted to report a quirk where, when the TID/SID are edited, there is a glitch displaying the trainer card from the menu. I've attached an example of the screen when this is done (the game also more or less crashes when the trainer card is selected). Screenshot from yuzu ofc, but this happens on switch as well, and both with/without day 1 patch. Keep up the great work!
  6. Cass

    Stadium prize mons

    I was playing stadium and ended up with prize Hitmonlee (attached). This Hitmonlee was transferred to Yellow, then to Crystal which is why it's .pk2. I also have already removed its Normal Box, but that's what it was holding. Two questions about this mon: 1. Double Kick and Meditate are flagged as illegal, even though this is a mon that can be obtained in a legal manner (not here to argue about the legitimacy of emulation, so let's just say it's theoretically possible). Is this deliberate or an oversight? 2. As far as I can see, there is no way to identify this mon as being obtained by clearing round 1 of gym leader castle. Theoretically if I were to clear castle a second time and obtain a second prize mon, what would tell Crystal that it was obtained in round 2 instead? At first I thought OTTID, but those are both 02000, STADIUM. Could it be that Crystal assumes the first prize mon is round 1, and the second is round 2? This question of course addresses whether or not the transferred mon holds a Normal or Gorgeous box. Thanks for the thoughts! 106 - HITMONLEE - 266C.pk2
  7. Yeah I thought I could remedy that by changing the hex digits in HxD, then uploading and then saving from PKHeX after verifying checksums, but it doesn't seem to work Either the changes do not take effect (date remains unchanged) or the HOF data is wiped. Unless I missed a step, this seems like it should work
  8. Makes sense why checksums exist, but I am not clear on why editing four hex digits (two in HOF and two in the backup HOF) is beyond the game's control, especially when the digits I used to replace represent actual dates. I would understand why the game would corrupt if I changed the month to 13 or something, but I don't get why a correct edit made this difference. Also, is there a better way to edit this that I'm just not aware of
  9. Old topic, I know, but came across it while editing a Gen 5 HOF. I've isolated the place where date is encoded in the hex, but when I change the hex (in HxD), my HOF data is erased when I start the game. I have also tried uploading and saving the save file from pkhex, but to no avail. Any thoughts as to why this issue occurs, or how to prevent it? All I am doing is changing the year and month, not the date or h/m/s Thanks!
  10. Quick update to this: Gen 4: Updated both Plat and HG using the HoF extractor from this site, and then uploaded/downloaded each file with PKHeX before starting the files in emulator. Platinum updated properly, correcting both the main and backup portions of the .sav and displaying HoF correctly in-game. For the HG file, not only did the edits not display correctly in-game, but the save data corrupted if I attempted to correct the backup portion of the .sav before uploading/downloading with PKHeX. Gen 5: HoF data still corrupted after correcting the backup in the .sav, then uploading/downloading with PKHeX.
  11. Hmm, I tried uploading to and exporting from PKHeX, and the same result occurred in B2 and in Plat (HoF is corrupted). When I tried with Emerald, however, it worked just fine! My only theory is that altering both the main and backup in HxD is to blame, as Gen 3 savs don't have the backup for HoF data. How is the "backup" portion of the DS save files updated? Using that information, would it make sense to fix the checksum by uploading a file where only the main save has been edited, then performing a save in-game to update the backup and checksums?
  12. I was messing around on a B2 file using HxD, specifically in the Hall of Fame data block (offset starts @ 74000). After changing some PIDs and species, I booted the file and the changes presented correctly. Then I decided to update the HoF backup data (offset 75800) with the same information, but when I booted the file I was given the "HoF data is corrupted" message. Anyone know why this is? Or why editing the backup specifically caused this to occur? Information on how exactly the save file backups work on DS games is useful/interesting to me. Also, I tried this same thing on a Plat and Emerald save file, and got the same results. That is, edits that were made to the main HoF file were reflected in-game, but the HoF data corrupted once I edited the backup hex data.
  13. Doing a playthrough of Green (JP) and got an illegal flag on this Golem (Invalid: Ingame Trade OT has been altered) Of course, there is no ingame Graveler/Golem trade in Green, but there is one in JP Blue. Is that how the flag has shown up? Even then, why would it flag a Golem anyway? Isn't a mon like Farfetch'd that's IGT only... 076 - ゴローニャ - E207.pk1
  14. That makes sense to me given that it is PRNG. Not to mention there's no real use in testing to make sure ALL 4 bil combinations are possible, it seems a bit much. Thanks for the help anyway!
  15. I suppose this is a limit of my understanding. I am thinking about TID/SID generation as if it is an RNG where, given enough iterations, 00008/00000 would eventually be produced (even with roughly 4.3bil possibilities). Is it in fact the case that there is only a limited number of TID/SID combinations, and the seed determines which frame those combinations appear? Also I have experienced what you mentioned with other mons from Colo, in that pkhex doesn’t mark them illegal even with 00008/00000. Without Esp/Umb, I would not have even detected this problem! PS cool number indeed, I may just say to hell with legality and keep it anyway!
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