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  1. thanks ,but the soundhax one doesn't work for me, says cannot play, all I wanted was to use PKHeX
  2. thx my 2ds is on 11.13, can it be hacked or homebrewed?
  3. also, can I hack my 2ds whilst it isn't connected to wi fi? I have tried to use soundhax but it doesn't work for me, says cannot play
  4. yes it was. xD so,Ive downloaded flagbrew to my laptop,now what? checkpoint.3dsx is wat I downloaded, anything else I need on my laptop to start?
  5. 1) Pokémon Y and a 2ds 2) I doubt it's hacked. 3) Can you recommend any?
  6. hi, I'm new and do not understand how to export the SAV to my game.
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