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  1. I did try that and it doesn't work , the solution was a simple misunderstanding on my part . The .sav or .main files don't work when you try to load box , they need to be drag-dropped onto pkHex instead . That's the only difference , all sorted now . The difference is that when you drag drop a .sav file into pkHex it overwrites your personal save data such as player name , passport photo etc . Compared to the load box option in the .rar shiny version upload where just loading boxes adds them to your party rather than over-riding your party . Hope that makes sense ?
  2. Hey , does someone here know why the shiny version comes up as downloadable .rar files but the non-shiny version has individual .sav files ? Is there a way to get the non-shiny version into pkHex using the dump box method like the .rar files in the shiny version ? Or failing that , is there a way I can batch edit the entire list of shiny pokemon in my living dex into non-shiny ? Thank you !
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