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  1. Hey theSlayer! Thanks for the answer. I know they revert... but.. the thing is it stayed as Mega Altaria for a couple of battles. The randomizers Ive seen online seem to keep the mega forms through the entire game. Thats the point of selecting the option "mega evolutions encounters" despite the item they hold.
  2. Hey guys Im new here Ive just started a new adventure on a Omega Ruby Randomized Nuzlocke I edited myself. I just randomized trainers pokemon, wild pokemon and gift pokemon. The thing is I allowed Mega Evos to show up in the wild and for my surprise I catched a Mega Altaria lvl 5. After a few hours of playing Mega Altaria went back to its original form of Altaria and I dont know the reason nor the way to fix it. The whole point was that the Mega Forms you catch were always gona be Megas.. Let me know if someone happens to encounter the same issue or someone knows how to fix it. I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance.
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