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  1. Thank you. My main question was whether or not id have any problems with the legality of pokemon transfering them to ORAS. I imagine I would have to do them one by one so the met data can change. But id have to see. I don't want to invest time into playing the game again if I cant keep the mons from it.
  2. I just did a test with my SS to AS game. And it seems to have worked. PKHex seemed to automatically select Poke Transfer for met location. Now for my next question, Is there any way to quickly select a whole box of pokemon or do I need to select one at a time?
  3. to save all the pokemon I obtain and send them to my cartridge copy of Alpha Sapphire to then use bank to them send all those pokemon to home? Does HG/SS have any special rules I need to know? I wont be genning any pokemon only saving the ones I legitimately catch, but I don't know if I need to worry about memories or anything since I don't remember if the transfer from nds to 3ds games made any memory changes? Disclaimer: I already own SS and I'm using the rom because my copy of the game is currently lost in storage somewhere. But my question is not about the rom in any way, only simply whether or not when I take the pokemon files off SS to put them into my AS game, whether or not I'll have any problems with memories or anything of the sort if I just simply copy them all over?
  4. So my goal is to get a living dex in home. I have ORAS, Ultra Sun, and Pokemon X for my 3ds and sure I can between the three games catch most of the mons I need and use PKHeX for any unobtainable mons. But I do want to try and collect all pre gen 8 mons as legit as possible. So far I've only used PKHeX for mythical events that aren't available anymore. So on to my question, If I load up a Rom for say SoulSilver/HeartGold or Emerald and run a playthrough on my pc and then take the save file afterwards into PKHeX and copy the pokemon from there and just directly put them into my ORAS game, and then load bank and upload them to HOME, would this theoretically work? If I need to Gen any mons between pre ORAS Gen do I need to do anything specific? Most of the time if I gen a pokemon I use the encounter Database to make the most legit mon I can. I reroll the PID and Encryption Constant before I ever inject the mons. I don't care to use PKHeX for shinies or anything either. Just simply want to know if I'll run into any problems taking my rom mons from previous generations and for the most part copying them exactly as they are caught over to ORAS so I can import to bank. And if I need to gen a mon for any reason from those generations what I need to know. I read somewhere that pre gen 4 things get trickier?
  5. I don't know if you'll see this comment. But I just imported this WC into my Ultra Sun game and the date met is todays date (8/17/2021) is this technically okay? I couldnt figure out how to change the date on the actual pokemon met. I will never use this competitively and only trading up to pokemon home eventually. I should have nothing to worry about right?
  6. Is this currently possible? I only have a hacked 3ds and not switch. Would I be able to make the mons I want from gen 8 and inject them in to my USUM or ORAS game then upload to bank and then home?
  7. If I use a wonder card to get say mew in Oras and decide I want another one, mark it unused and get it again under the same save file and OT would that be caught by game freak hack check? Would I need to make a new save file for this purpose? Using to get a couple copies of mythicals. All Pokémon would be migrated straight to Pokémon home. Not sure if that would change anything.
  8. Awesome thank you very much for all your help and putting up with my stupid questions. I think i know what you mean by the transfer up process. I wouldnt have to change anything on the mon correct? just drag to the left then right click and set into my game? or do i need to change the met data or anything?
  9. Oh bet! I went ahead and got all the US wondercards I found under Gen 6, but if theres anything I missed that was region locked, i'll be sure to change the region, but keep the language ENG. Another question I literally just thought of before you responded, how does one get any mythicals that dont show up on gen 6 wondercards? or are there any? Also I created myself 3 Dittos using my trainer ID instead of Pporg and used the wild encounter, and instead of making one of each nature I made three. I realized I can get natures from the other pokemon through trading with others and thus not needing a ditto for each one. It sounded like a cool idea but wasnt practical lol. I made the language on them Jpn but left the region US. was that okay? (these are only for breeding purposes and will never be used online)
  10. Okay that makes sense. So for the kangaskhan I wouldnt be able to put in my game since my region is Us and Language is ENG. Or could I drag it onto the left side of PkHeX and edit its region then save again and then implement it into Mystery gift? And For this Hoopa, Since it says English Via US and JP units, I would technically be okay?
  11. Awesome. I found this (https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/34-english/) All of these would be fine in my game or no? Or would i need to change any of the regions/languages? Really sorry if this was already answered. Just a little fuzzy on the whole thing.
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