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  1. I'm playing on a retail a retail copy, I guess I am going on the honor system I agree by going into the save files makes it less legit, but I think its safer than sending retail copies. I think you'd have to go by the honor system because if you transfer a pokemon to a retail copy there is no way to tell if its legit or not (unless it is found in a location or level it cannot be found in)
  2. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone had/ could please make me a sav file with any of the shiny starters in any of the gen 3 games. Either fire red/ leaf green or Emerald. Also could you please put the name of the player to Ryan and select the male character. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! P.S. If possible would Could I also get max money and the aurora ticket.
  3. Hey guys I wanted to start a LEGIT shiny collection. I've been a shiny collector for years and just got into .sav files. I'll be uploading a .sav file soon with a collection of the shinies I've caught over the years as well as some I've gotten some friends. (I'm just waiting for my package) My collection does include some RNG shinies since I did a bit of experimentation with it but the rest are full odds. I'm we can all pool our shinies to make a complete shiny-dex of non RNG pokemon.
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