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  1. This is actually already possible but not as straightforward as you might like. To configure this you have to go to: 1. SAV tab 2. Open Block Data 3. In the new modal, select the Dump tab 4. In the "Block Key" search for: KMaxKairSpeciesID1Noted, KMaxKairSpeciesID2Noted, KMaxKairSpeciesID3Noted. 5. Select one of those 3 options 6. Set the pokemon Living Dex number in the Value field on your right 7. Close, Export main, profit! Hope that was helpful!
  2. Hi, I've been trying to Link Trade the Pokemon generated from this file and Im unable to. I get an error that something is wrong with my Pokemon. Im unaware if there is some sort of lock for these Pokemon that prevents me from doing it or if the file generates an invalid Pokemon.
  3. Thank you @Kaphotics ! I just looked up how to do the dump using pkNX as you instructed, I'll give it a shot later today: Link to Tutorial for Step 1:
  4. Hi, I've captured the Legendary Pokemon and I was wondering if there is someway to reset a flag somewhere in the save file so I can share those raids (also some Shiny hunt, etc). I downloaded and build the "master" branch from PkHex since it seems to have some work done related to that, but Im honestly totally lost when it comes to block editing. I was wondering if someone could point me to the right direction (some dummy tutorial) about how can I reset the Legendary flags in my save. Thank you all in advance. Cheers!
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