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  1. Hey guys! Maybe you already knew this, maybe you didn't: It goes without saying that these are JAPANESE Pokemon cards, so what better place to buy them then from Japan? I have recently discovered Buyee which gives me easy access to many of Japan's online marketplaces. Including used goods! I have found a lot of what I was needing for my collection on Mercari JP using Buyee, for prices MUCH more reasonable than eBay! Unfortunately LOL I still don't have those 2 cards I made the post about, but the search is coming to an end! Sorry if that sounded like an advertisement, but I am so excited I have bought like 5 things from Mercari JP now that I have been searching years for. Check it out if you are serious about your collection.
  2. @SkyLink98 One more question actually since you know what you're talking about. 1. Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire: Normal pokemon eggs have its contents determined at the time of being obtained (species, stats, nature, etc). If I wanted to generate multiple unique eggs for each of the 4 special gift eggs, would it stand that I would need 4 separate save states (each saved prior to receiving said egg)?
  3. Not to be misleading with my title, obviously you can not 'soft-reset' for these types of distributions. With the advent of being able to dump save files (what I equate to save states), I have questions about distributing Ho-Oh and Celebi. They are basically the same questions twice: Ho-Oh: You can normally only receive 1 per completed Colosseum save file. 1. If I were to save after the 99th person and dump the save, could I potentially keep defeating the 100th trainer, receiving Ho-Oh, transfer it, and then reload the save file to repeat the process? 2. If YES, to the above, will the Ho-Oh's distributed this way be unique? If they are not unique, at what point is the Ho-OH 'RNG seed' determined? 3. Could this same procedure work for obtaining all three Johto starters in XD? (saving of course only after the 90th trainer in this case because of Story Mode Mt. Battle 'Zones') Celebi: You can normally only receive 48 Celebi's on a GBA cart (with national dex) per a completed Colosseum save file. 1. Is this number (48) counter tied to the Colosseum save file? Does the bonus disk use any memory card? 2. Will a save dump (of Colosseum) prior to distributing Celebi provide for 'infinite Celebi's' off a single colosseum play through (assuming the save dump is reloaded prior to every distribution)? 3. If YES, to the above, will the Celebi's distributed this way be unique, or more specifically, the very first Celebi distributed? If the first Celebi distributed on each re-load is not unique, at what point is the RNG seed determined? Are there only 48 unique Ageto Celebi's in total for all bonus discs? 4. Are these answers the same for the Light ball Pikachu on disc as well? THANK YOU!
  4. Okay, now this topic has been addressed before in regards to distribution cartridges (actually just being development cartridges), but this is literally just a normal game cart with a bunch of mews on it right? What is stopping someone from flashing their game cart with this save and posing the game as an original cart? Any way to actually tell an original? Like this guy here...who has THREE for sale... https://www.ebay.com/sch/pokeg-15/m.html?item=293761734761&hash=item4465905869%3Ag%3AFXsAAOSwf2hfdRod&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  5. I apologize if this is answered/posted elsewhere. I have looked. Just redirect me if this is redundant. I am trying to figure out what PKHex qualifies as legal when dealing with event Pokemon, specifically regular event distributions (like PAL Channel Jirachi) and and then those that are from eggs (like JP Wish Bagon). For either, are there limitations to what IV's or Natures they can have (specific to the particular distribution of course)? I am also trying to use a PID generator, but it does not seem to generate anything for all 6 perfect (31) IVs. Is this not possible? How can I find the best IV set possible? Please also link the aforementioned legality guide (I can't find it).
  6. Oh gosh, how exciting! I only have about 20 Emerald cards, but have no attachment to any of them at this point (assuming they are traded for other emerald cards). I imagine you are not quite as interested in completing a second FRLG set, but it would be cool to preserve one and use/sell the other. I also have a second set just missing a handful I am hoping to do as stated with. Would also love the Colosseum cards...however anytime I see them for sale they are an entire set. Getting just 2 of the 4 would likely put me in an awkward spot. Are they opened? Recently noticed that eBay has seen a surge of Japan Battle E sellers selling their entire collections for small fortunes. I just bought Decoration Present with its certificate, for more than I will admit. It seems unfortunately that this is NOT the rarest card... Still have yet to see CoolTrainer Mattego Demo card, and then SOMEONE IS SELLING the FRLG Club Nintendo set! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Negotiations-Welcome-Ca9-2-Battle-Card-E-Fire-Red-Leaf-Green-N001-N002-N003/293565126626 No, I can't spend that much more on cards right now lol let me know on that spreadsheet!
  7. Listen, this probably isn't the right place, but I don't know where else if not 'Project Pokemon'. If you know of a better place, please shoe me away there. I am only 2 cards short of a complete Japanese Fire Red / Leaf Green Battle E Collection, and also have a respectable amount of Emerald cards. I have lots of duplicates, and instead of spending $20+ per card on eBay I would love to just TRADE with someone also working on the sets. All of my cards were pulled straight from the pack and put into storage. I have an active spreadsheet I can share if someone out there is actually interested. Thanks!
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