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  1. Awesome, thank you! I couldn't remember how to do it.
  2. Forgive me for not knowing any of this lol. I am wanting to know how to play past events and capture the pokemon, like Arceus etc. by myself and not just gen the pokemon. I thought that there was a wonder card injection option, but cannot seem to find it. Or is that not needed? Again, sorry for not understanding this. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am playing the Pearl ROM on my switch and I want to transfer over geodude and meditite that I caught to SWSH. Attached is my SAV file with Palkia, meditite and geodude. It keeps saying "incorrectly transferred from previous generation" when I put them on my sword main or try and change a nature or anything on Palkia. I am not sure what the issue is. Please help, Thanks. 1016 - Pokemon - Pearl Version (USA) (Rev 5).nds.sav
  4. Been looking for hours and can’t find him. Someone please help lol
  5. 1.got regigigus from his original den and mespirit from The Lair. All original and nothing changed. I got the error at first, clicked around and now they are both fixed. I hope they will help you 481 ★ - Mesprit - 1D3C3021B80A.pk8 486 ★ - Regigigas - 3432D2C6455A.pk8
  6. Here are the files that were bad and now good. 486 ★ - Regigigas - 3432D2C6455A.pk8481 ★ - Mesprit - 1D3C3021B80A.pk8
  7. Also, I made my mespirit shiny and I got the error. However I started clicking around and the error went away when I came back to it from another Pokémon.
  8. Can’t remember where I read it. But it said they can only be star shiny.
  9. I got the same error. However it went away on one Pokémon. Trying to figure out how I got the error away now.
  10. I cannot seem to find a save file anywhere that has all legendary and mythical pokemon. I'm looking for only one's that are legal and obtained legitimately. Thanks in advance!
  11. Crazy. I thought Serebii was right on just about everything. Guess I’ll have to double check from now on.
  12. Yes Serebii is wrong on their end. I just stumbled across that.
  13. Why is the ID number 20043, and not 00001-010000? I got the WSHMKR Jirachi off here, so am confused why the ID is not matching up. It says it’s legal, but now it seems super illegal
  14. So how is that? Did someone from the us go to the event in another country?
  15. Jirachi Mewtwo Necrozma Want to know why the OT name is Japanese and the Pokémon name is in English. I can’t remember where I got these from, but they were supposedly legit event pokemon. They run as legal, but it seems sketchy. I don’t think you can change the jap name to eng, can you?
  16. Awesome, didn’t know that. Thanks!
  17. I saw there was a mass editor, but it only worked for gen 1-7. is there a mass editor to edit IV’s for PKHex?
  18. I have a melmetal from Pokémon go. I have this error on my Pokémon sword save on PkHex,so how do I change this error message? Thanks.
  19. Yeah, I just chose a different move. That’s odd though, because some are actual event Pokémon, not edited.
  20. It says “ This move can’t be used. It’s recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can’t be remembered.“
  21. I am transferring over some of my Pokémon from ultra sun to Sword, and on three Pokémon.. Venusaur, jirachi, primarina. They have a hazard sign on a certain move, such as return on Jirachi. Why is this? It doesn’t say they’re illegal. Some are actually from events.
  22. I just figured that out, I was totally overlooking “as egg” box. Sorry for that lol. thank you again and again!
  23. I don’t know why I can’t get conkeldurr to get his HA, I changed Met to A nursery worker, a link trade (egg), a link trade (npc), changed origin game and still can’t get it to be legal. I got all the other things to work that you told me earlier.
  24. It says Kommo-o can on gamewith.net. Obviously it can’t by looking online on other sites lol! And thank you, now I know how to go about these issues.
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