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  1. Thats because they announced those cards yesterday. When they launched the expansion their announcement stated that there were 120 cards. http://www.pokemon.com/us/news/tcg_hgss1_release-2010-02-10/
  2. We don't know for sure yet, though this Pokemon could be like Lucario since we all thought that it was also a "legendary". I don't know if anyone still considers it as one but in my opinion, it is not. Coro Coro is expected to give more details out and Pokemon Sunday as well so we'll have to wait a few more weeks but you never know some of the info could be leaked on the internet before then.
  3. True statement. Did anyone else notice the fact that the evolved form has a different hair tie in the two pictures? In one its very thin with a leaf attached possibly and the other is a thick blue band. Weird... O_o
  4. I'm also curious to know what kind of American name they'll come up with, though we won't find out till next year. And I had high hopes that it would've of been an evolution of a Mightyena because the silhouette was pretty much similar to it.
  5. I don't know about this. The Wii and the DS are both still selling really well, so announcing a successor this early would be counter - productive. It could be just another rehash of the DS (Like the DSI, DSI XL, DS Lite, etc) but other than that I call BS on this one.
  6. I just found out that the game WILL be for the Nintendo DS. So theres no new console.
  7. I'll use it somewhat, although not in public. Should be a fun little game, though.
  8. I personally see it as a completely new evolution of Mightyena. If you compare Mightyena with the new Pokemon silhouette, you can obviously see some little similarities. It looks like Mightyena became a werewolf and werewolves shape shift (don't they?)
  9. People are already making fan art of the new Pokemon! Looks awesome!
  10. If it did then the new console should've been announced waaaayyy before the games.
  11. No actually in my opinion they actually released it at a good time. (10th anniversary!).
  12. True statement. If they waited 4-5 years to release a new generation then they wouldn't make as much money as they used to thus making the Pokemon franchise go down the drain. Well let me re-phrase that. The franchise wouldn't actually go down the drain because they still have all the merchandise sales and the Anime/Mana/TCG etc.. but yeah, they'll lose a lot of money due the handheld games/console games since they play a huge role as well.
  13. Nobody said anything about it coming soon. The new 5th Gen game(s) will be released in Japan by the end of the year and and even longer for the games to be released in the US/Canada!
  14. I think this is a 5th Generation Legend and its being revealed a little like how Lucario was revealed in the movie. I could be wrong though. D: But yeah people don't really consider Lucario as a legend.
  15. Update! I've added two new tutorial websites: http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/ A site that provides tips, tutorials, actions, plug-ins, reviews, articles, training resources, books, links, and lots of other info. http://www.photoshopusertv.com/ Top rated video podcast for Photoshop learning
  16. Suicunes number went down and Deoxys' went up. Oh well, Deoxys could be a better mascot than Dragonite.
  17. I'll post my latest siggys/banners or whatever I make out of Photoshop CS4 here. (: Just an FYI: I'm just starting to learn this graphics stuff and I can tell you that not all of my work will be good! :< But later on in the year you'll see a lot of improvement EDIT: I'm not going to do any requests at the moment, I am merely posting these to see what people think about them and when I get comfortable in making Siggys I'll do requests! Latest Artwork Suicune Render from Arkeis Background made by: Me Font: Scriptina (you should already have it..if not then it can be downloaded here) Info: Leaf brush(or w/e its called) light blue background, motion blur and I made a lot of layers for this sig. Charizard Render from Arkeis Background made by: Me Font Name: Kaiserzeit Gotisch (you can get it from here Just copy & past the name of the Font in the search function on the site) Info: I'm still thinking that using the "Motion Blur" Filter was a bad idea or not. Let me know what I can do to improve this! Thanks. Old Artwork
  18. Awesome thanks! If anyone else has any tutorials/fonts that aren't on the list make sure to post them here and I'll add them to the list!
  19. I use CS4. I can make animation stuff etc.. basically siggys and banners/avatars FYI I'm not that good :'<
  20. Have fun? So there's a list that I found. Try looking up some tutorials on deviantart, those are probably helpful. And the links should work. I posted this on another site and thought I should put one up here as well. ^.^ Tutorials http://good-tutorials.com/ http://www.tutorialman.com http://www.newtutorials.com/ http://shiver7.com http://www.myjanee.com/PSRL/tutfind.htm http://www.planetphotoshop.com/ http://www.photoshopcafe.com/ http://www.handson.nu/ http://www.absolutecross.com/ http://www.spyroteknik.com/ http://www.shadowness.com [broadband] http://www.shadowness.com/news.html [Dialup] http://www.sector-7.tk/ http://dazulu.r4ge.com/ http://www.photoshoplady.com http://psdtuts.com http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/ http://www.photoshopusertv.com/ Fonts http://www.dafont.com/en/ http://www.acidfonts.com http://www.highfonts.com http://www.fontfiles.com/ http://www.stuff.uk.com/fonts/html/category.shtml http://www.1001fonts.com/ http://www.4gee.com/font/index.htm http://www.galactica.de/frameset.htm http://www.fontfile.com/ http://www.acidcool.com/ http://www.fonts.com/ http://www.minifonts.com/mini7.html http://www.dsg4.com/04/extra/bitmap/index.html http://www.1001freefonts.com http://www.acidfonts.com http://www.fontfreak.com http://www.abstractfonts.com http://www.larabiefonts.com http://www.freepcfonts.com http://www.fontsnthings.com http://www.downloadfreefonts.com http://www.amazonfonts.com http://www.chank.com http://www.freewarefonts.com http://www.fonts.linuxpower.org http://www.highfonts.com http://www.007fonts.com http://www.blambot.com http://www.fontasy.de http://www.getfonts.com http://www.fontfoundry.com http://www.fontparadise.com http://www.fontfont.de http://www.macfonts.com http://www.fontfreak.com/mac-no.htm http://www.minefields.org/v2/fonts.php http://www.spoono.com http://www.dsg4.com/04/extra/bitmap/index.html http://www.themeworld.com I checked all the links if they worked or not and if one doesn't work for you; copy & paste the link(s) into your address bar.
  21. To be honest I chose Dragonite because I just didn't see any other Pokemon in the Poll list eligible to be a mascot, now I know this sounds weird but Dragonite, IN MY OPINION should be the mascot because it fits him better than the rest.
  22. Lol. Even with all the people who switched from Suicune/Latios to Deoxys are still behind by quite a lot of votes. D: My vote for Dragonite still stands.
  23. If what you say is true then Nintendo will have no choice but to announce the new system BEFORE the games are released(obviously) and my guess is that like the DS the "new" system should be able to play DS games like the DS plays the Gameboy Games only if the new system games aren't catridges. And the Nintendo DS was announced 4-5 months before the DPPt Games were released so I expect a new Nintendo system soon, if not then I guess there will be no new system. That still doesn't explain the max stats Arceus has.
  24. Yeah, I found out yesterday about the site. Posted it on the chats yesterday as well. The site doesn't reveal much at all to be honest.
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