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  1. Okay, I might be stupid, but i can't figure out how to get XG to work. I downloaded an iso of Gale, and the latest version of XG, but i'm floundering on what to do next. Can someone help me, or point me to where I can find the necessary help?
  2. Hey, I was wondering where to start. I want to try and put some of my pokemon illegal abilties, classic being sturdy shedinja, on a save for Pokemon Colosseum. I was wondering how I should go about doing that. Also, in the abilities section, for example it says that drought is gen 4 and up when i know its from gen 3 with groudon, so any reason as to why that is? For example, I have a dratini that I want to put idk...., wonder guard on. He's currently chilling in box one of the pc in my Colosseum Save file. I'm in Hax mode, but it only shows the natural abilities that dratini would naturally have.
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