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    Okay I'll try that out. Basically the project is a simple grinder that'll automatically train Pokemon for me. All it'll do is run in the grass and fight Pokemon (use a set move I provide beforehand) until PP runs low or it needs to be healed, where it'll use Fly to get back to the closest city, heal, and run back to continue fighting. I have a couple more features I might want to build on but that's the general idea. I was thinking Lua to give input to the emulator but either a) reading through the memory or b) analyzing the frame for text to figure out what the player needs to do. Is Lua a good option for the second part or would it be better to use another language to figure this out? I've combed through the memory files here: https://projectpokemon.org/docs/gen-4/list-of-items-by-index-number-r23/ but I'm not sure what to be looking for. Thanks
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