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    IT WORKED, it finally worked. Thank you! I hope it wasnt too much of a hazzle to set up^^''
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    Yeah, it's important to use a decrypted ROM. Encrypted ones aren't supported, and because of legal concerns, I have no plans to add support. I believe I've fixed the issue in the latest version. Please try again with this one. I don't know for sure if it will resolve the crash, but the latest build did fix a crucial bug, and I think it's worth a try. Alternatively, the version Wol38 linked to may work.
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    Here is the comment with the link.
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    There is a link in the above comments by evandixon, just click it and then login as guest to download. Wol38: thank you again for the info!
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    I've never tested that but I think there wouldn't be trouble since it's an "evolution" btw I saw that if you make evolve a Pokemon into the same Pokemon unchanged, it become temporarly white until the end of the scene ( a battle for exemple )
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    Thanks for the quick clarification!
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    Depends on your choice on the evolved Pokemon, for me I chose Mega Manectric for base and for evolution, so he won't change. Another thing is when you get petrified by Nuzleaf, you can see the base Pokemon as a stone statue (exemple Charmander), not the Pokemon that you have but it doesn't matter since you keep the modified Pokemon.
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    Oh, i forgot that i could change names later... Anyway, thank you for this quick answer and for doing such an awesome work !
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    Thank you! That worked
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    Finally seems to work ! A big thanks to @evandixon for your help and all the hard work you've done !
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    It has finished, all files are present, well everything worked, thank you for your help
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    Thanks for the build, it seems to work now, I'll inform you if I have another problem
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