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  1. IT WORKED, it finally worked. Thank you! I hope it wasnt too much of a hazzle to set up^^''
  2. So I tried the older version.... and uhm, while it seems to compile everything correctly, there seems to be some funny things happening. during the selection the modified pokemon(being bulbasaur into Vulpix and charmander into Zorua) share the moveset and ability of the previously selected pokemon. so for example if I change charmander, and first look at squirtle and then go to charmander, he will have the ability and moves of squirtle. bulbasaur for example will have the moves and abilities of froakie. and if I modified bulbasaur and charmander, and go from bulbasaur to charmander, he will ju
  3. Hello, first of all this is a really good editor. It works flawlessly for the european Explorers of Sky version but it seems it doesnt quite work for the european Super Mystery Dungeon. During the script compiling it always comes to an error.... Ill provide a few screenshots as well as the error message. Screens of my edits: http://prntscr.com/kc6pa9 http://prntscr.com/kc6pe0 error message (a few words are in german sadly, but they shouldnt be that important) Hope this can be resolved as I'd really love to play as different starters in Super too. Grettings, Z
  4. Weird, considering they're roaming Pokémon.....
  5. Hello, Ive tried out the recent PKhex update and for some reason a Zapdos from X caught on Route 12 (Ive tried other routes too, even from let's plays and other sources to see if its just a certain route, they all didn't work) gives back the "Unknown encounter" error. heres a screenshot and the .pk7 and the main attached.... http://prntscr.com/e9kwjd . Hope this is all you need main 145 - Zappy - B3DB00000000.pk7
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