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AR Code Request: Redo Hall of Fame Debut (soul silver)


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There is a feature on the HG/SS PokeSav program. But I do not trust this one. I only trust the Diamond, Pearl, Platinum one.


-There is an option in the Pokemon edit page where you say/edit where you caught/hatched your Pokemon. I look for the Routes 1 - 40 and they do not exist. They haves the routes 201 and so on listed.

-But wait a minute, those routes aren't on HeartGold or SoulSilver. Yes, I am using the right program, and I have tried reinstalling it. There are no Johto or Kanto Routes on that program.:bidoof:

With that being said, the answer is yes. I can mostly likely make you a code for Action Replay if you want.:creep:

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