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Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story


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I have it, but don't know when I'll get around to beating it...

I love the game, don't get me wrong, but I just have been playing a lot more Pokemon/PS3 games lately...

But as for the game itself, I love the addition of Bowser as a playable character to the Mario & Luigi series... It almost reminds me of Paper Mario in regards to the battles where you suck in some enemies as Bowser which Mario and Luigi get to fight...

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Dude nothing was easier than Cackletta's Spirit. ~Turn one, Mario eats a Red Hot Pepper, Luigi Heals, Mario dies. Turn Two bring Mario back, he now has permanent super powered attack from the pepper, without the wait, now give Luigi the pepper, and allow him to die, and bring him back. Afterwords, spam Bros attacks, and she'll fall in the next two turns~

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