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Let's build an OU team


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Lately I've been struggling with trying to put together an efficient OU team that would knock out major annoyances such as Umbreon and Milotic. I don't want this team built around trying to eliminate pesky Pokemon and stallers but to be all-around efficient in taking down must OU Pokemon. My main goal is to build a team around the sweepers so they can carry out their jobs. Preferably it would consist of a 2 sweepers (physical/special), 2 walls (also spe/phy), a tank-like shuffler/staller, and a reliable anti-lead (if we could get this to also work as an annoyer or maybe a sweep, that would be awesome). Having a good annoyer I feel is a must-have.

So with that down let me introduce the Pokemon I deem most acceptable..


Froslass @ Focus Sash (up for debate)

252 Sp.A & Spe EVs

Timid nature/Snow Cloak

- Taunt

- Spikes

- Destiny Bond/Shadow Ball

- Ice Beam

What I realllllllly like about this is Froslass works as both a lead as it can set up spikes but also an anti-lead beause of taunt and destiny bond. Plus no rapid-spinners would be able to get spikes down (ghost type). Not only that but her incredible speed makes it a sure to get the first hit.


Glaceon @ Icy Rock

252 HP & Sp.D

Modest/Snow Cloak

- Hail

- Blizzard

- Wish

My primary reason for adding Glaceon is for support. Wish would benefit all of my members and hail would help out Froslass. But I know there are better Pokemon for this role and I want to see 'em.


Venusaur @ Black Sludge

252 Def & Sp.D


- Leech Seed

- Sludge Bomb

- Sleep Powder

- Earthquake

This particular Venusaur has really helped me out in sticky situations. He's really difficult to take down (thank you leech and those oh so needed EVs) and makes a great wall.


Shaymin @ Life Orb

32 HP/252 Sp.A/224 Spe

Timid/Natural Cure

- Rest

- Leech Seed

- Earth Power/Hidden Power Ice

- Seed Flare

Now it gets a little trickier, but this shaymin makes a great special sweeper. The only thing I don't like is how close it resembles Venusaur, but we can alter either of the two to better compliment each other.


Blissey @ Leftovers

252 HP & Def

Bold/Serene Grace

- Counter

- Softboiled

- Heal Bell

- Toxic

Not much to say here.

Duh Duh Duhnnn....


Espeon @ Leftovers

252 HP/216 Spe/40 Sp.D

Timid or Modest?/Synchronize

- Substitute

- Baton Pass

- Psychic

- Calm Mind

Ahh Espyjump, my one true love. If used at the right time, she will tear teams apart. But I can't decide if I want more Sp.A or Speed with her nature...

With that said, I feel this team is terribly mediocre. I need some advice 'cause I'm having far too much trouble putting this together. What would be a perfect addition? Who should go, who should stay, what goes where, etc. etc. Help!

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well Bob I believe the land form is able to obtain air slash by changing it into sky form then back to regular with air slash already learned I could be wrong but i've had it used on me before during a UU battle back when shaymin was UU it just doesn't have serene grace.

before i address you team I'd like to address this

Forgot to mention, a Pokemon with Confuse Ray under its belt would be the best.....

just because you like a move doesn't make it best ok we are going to build you a solid team thats our job if your team calls for it we will put it in but if we dont feel it is best then we will exclude it not to be controling but to make sure you have the best team possible and hopefully you understand I'm not saying that to be rude

ok I we are going to bulid an ou team we need to fix somethings first

1. we Have to get soe physical attackers in this team because right now blissey walls your entire team

2. mixed attackers for wall breaking when needed

3. and It looks like espeon is your favorite pokemon so why not try and make it the center of the team instead of a supporter being a pinerider

ok first this is just a heads up your lead is good but dont be to sure about it working in OU because Jolly aerodactyl runs around here quite often and it is faster and will taunt you before you can taunt it which will also in turn stop destiny bond and spikes leaving you down to 1 move. Now i'm not saying dont run froslass because i truly love that little ghost it was my first special attacker breed actually(back when siczor was UU and garchomp was OU) but just to be warned

ok now to the actual help

first. there is no need to have both venusaur and blissey thats just one to many special walls one should suffice this is taking up space that could be used for a potential sweeper

Venusaur @ Black Sludge

so I'd drop him and go for a dragonite because you like bulk apparently but all of your attackers lack it

so i'm recommendin


Leftovers Careful

Moveset EVs

~ Dragon Dance

~ Heal Bell

~ Roost/super power

~ Dragon Claw

252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe

this guy is great he can set up and just dismantle things. and since he now has been given heal bell all hell breaks loose he is pretty much the OU's verison of a altaria it uses it's bulk and roost to absorb hits but heal bell allows him to heal off status and keep sweeping it is crazy how well this works only thing i would do if i decided to run this set is put eq or superpower in for roost so my sweeping isn't stopped by steel types. and another nice thing is frees up a move slot for blissey because now she doesnt have to run it also.

2nd. change is glaceon has to go it is actally helping only oneother pokemon on the team meaning it is actually hurting you

and in terms of a mixed wall breaker/ sweeper I'll go with infernape as it compliments dragonite nicely they resist most of each others weaknesses only a few they dont cover which is great when it comes to dual typing cover is rock,dragon, psychic but Dnite covers his ground weakness and water weakness and infernape takes care of dnites ice weakness and most ice attacks you see in OU are special so blissey can absorb them same witht he psychic moves barring of course psycho cut

here is the reccomended set

MixApe Life Orb Naive

Moveset EVs

~ Fire Blast / Flamethrower

~ Close Combat

~ Grass Knot

~ Hidden Power Ice 70

this set has great coverage and hits freaking everything for supereffective damage except gyarados who will still hate taking a grass knot form your infernape

3. shaymin can stay but 2 things need to go rest and leech seed shaymin isnt walling anything with a timid nature so that wont help even with natural cure. it has more reliable recovery in the form of synthesis only time that synthesis is worst than rest is when weather like rain or sandstom is up and your recovery is lowered but when the sun is out it is raise so gotta take the good witht he bad but trust me it is mostly good.

and in place of leech seed I'd do healing wish or earth power because you need hp ice or fire for shaymin to function well in OU so that actually needs to be there normally i reccomend fire so you arent walled by siczor but your team needs hp ice more. and healing wish while it sounds weird is good I run it on my shaymin and i love it. Only down side is it will kill shaymin yes however it completlely heals another pokemon and that could be exactly what you need to finish off the game only thing to take into account is if your opponent has entry hazards up they will hurt your pokemon before it is healed but that is good because you get max health back since you take entry damage first but it is your call

so here is the shymin set i reccomend

shaymin@life orb


seed flare

hp ice/hp fire

healing wish/earth power


4. Stoss on blissey in place of heal bell now that we have dragonite with that already who will be a faster and mroe effective heal beller or we can turn blissey into a special attacking tank that will work in junction with calm mind passing espeon your call if you want to try it i can write up a good set for bulky spatking blissey

5. now while you can in theory still run this set because you can pass boost to infernape or to blissey if you want(I know it sounds crazy but I am comeprting in VGC and I run a calm mind lugia and a blissey with psych up so it copies lugia stat boost once blissy get 2 calm minds from lugia it can hurt stuff plus it can learn icy wind so it can lower opponents speed while still hurting them in turn giving blissey the upper hand in terms of speed power and bulk) through baton pass calm mind i reccomend keeping the boost for herself and just being an attacker

so i reccomend

Espeon @ life orb/wise glasses

252 HP/252 Spe/6 Sp.D


- hp ice

- signal beam

- Psychic

- Calm Mind

hopefully these help out and I'm sorry but I just didn't see a reason to throw in confuse ray

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randomspot555 & bobtheedibleone : Yes, Shaymin would be land forme because Natural Cure is crucial if I want to use Rest. But Skymin is soo cute..

Also, why is Skymin banned?

And to crimson assassin, thank you so much for the helpful input. Confuse Ray comes in handy but it's not vital to the team so no hard feelings on that one. I was thinking a Lapras with it would be pretty cool but let me address the topic...

I am head over heels for the Heal Bell Dragonite, I didn't even know that was possible, but unfortunately I don't own a GameCube so maybe if anyone could get there hands on one and would be willing to trade you can pm me I can offer pretty much anything. That Dragonite looks like it could really do some damage and would make a great support. I must have him.

Your MixedApe set also looks very promising. I just got a Chimchar so I'll add him on but I think a Jolly nature would be good because his speed could be a bit higher.

And for Shaymin... he's not really there to wall anything he can do some real sweeping with the rest/leech seed set but I agree that Healing Wish should definitely be incorporated. Although I'm not to hot on your Espeon.. EspyJump is far too useful for me to let go. But other that this is really awesome thank you so much I'm going to go test these babies out on Shoddy so I'll let you know how that goes.

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No problem. Only reason I say change espeon is ttarvwalls your current one actually any dark type hurts you and wins in a 1 on 1 so hp ice is for dragon coverage of course psychic stabb and signal beam dark types and other psychics when bumped with calm mind can be deadly

and for infernape naive is needed because it still boost speed just as jolly nature would except it doesn't take away any spatk which you need as much as you can get for mixed attacker so just stay with naive trust me it's best

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Shaymin-s is banned from OU because it's too good. Serene Grace air slash finch haxs, high speed and high special attack, plus the deadly seed flare (80% chance to lower special defence), which ruins special walls.. That's uber caliber... or at least it's too good for OU.

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Crimson Assassin, we're not here to build her team. We're here to RATE it. And while it CAN get Air Slash, it is pretty much useless on Land Forme, far outclassed by a set like Rest/HPFire/Seed Flare/EP.

Back to the OP: I'm not really sure what you're doing. Try to state the goal of this team in simple language, and explain what each thing should do.

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Crimson Assassin, we're not here to build her team. We're here to RATE it. And while it CAN get Air Slash, it is pretty much useless on Land Forme, far outclassed by a set like Rest/HPFire/Seed Flare/EP.

Back to the OP: I'm not really sure what you're doing. Try to state the goal of this team in simple language, and explain what each thing should do.

Bob no it's not that set you listed is absolutely a waste especially when as i said it has access to synthesis which is 10x better since this isn't a bulky shaymin. Man, you have no idea how wrong you are hp ice/earth power/ air slash/ seed flare is way better than set you listed hp fire is nice I run it on one of my shaymins on my wifi team (legit rng abused) it is nice but not better than air slash only way it is better is in the fact that it kills siczor other than that air slash outclasses it by far because not only does it have the 30% flinch but it is stronger and gains more notable ohkos like heracross, machamp, and gallade things of that nature while taking care of other grass types so it checks bugs/fighting/grass while hp fire helps it doesnt ko most of the things it his for se damage and since earth power (barring some bronzongs) checks steels it is no need for hp fire unless you are really that scared of siczor. hp ice is better killing dragons that would otherwise give her shaymin problems/ earth power checks steels, fire, and poison types/ seed flare water types, rock types, and ground types/ air slash bugs, ghting types, a other grass types now if anyone would further like to debate this topic pm me but lets not flame her thread with topics we all know i'm right on.lol

yeah we are here to rebuild the team if we see some where we can improve her team thats what raters do.lol I don't mind building someone a team from the ground up I've done it a bunch of times from NU team-up to ubers double teams you don't have to if you don't want to but i will continue to assist everyone here

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Bob - Actually I was looking for help with building a team I didn't really request any ratings but feel free to do so. We are in the Team Building forum after all.

Assassin - Thanks again buddy. And no problem with the miss I don't mind. I did end up putting on signal beam to eliminate dark types and it has made Espeon a much better special attacker. I also used your skymins set for my wi-fi team.. Hope you don't mind you really know your stuff. I appreciate all the help.

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