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Is there a way to move pokemon from gen 4 to gen 5 and beyond while preserving their met dates?

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I have completely full boxes in HGSS, and many boxes of pokemon in my other gen 4 games. I would love to move the pokemon all the way up eventually into Pokemon Home via Pokemon Bank, but really dislike how the met date is changed to the date of transfer to gen 5 from gen iv upon using poke transporter within gen 5. Even using PKSM, the date changes to the date you moved the pokemon from PKSM into Gen V. Similarly, the met date is changed upon using Pokemon Chest.

Is there another tool or way to bring the Pokemon up while keeping the met dates? Or is my best bet to change the date on my 3ds to the date of capture of the mon, then move with poke transporter or PKSM? Which is doable, but takes a very long time.

I can also manually edit caught dates in Pokemon Chest, but could that cause any legality issues, as keeping the legality flags is important to me as well. And again, this process is time consuming when I have a completely full PC.

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