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RSE Secret Base extract pokemon info from another trainer


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Is it possible to extract the complete information of a pokemon another trainer has? This said trainer is in a secret base and he got there via mixing records.

PKHex doesn't seem to have this ability as of today. Thanks in advance!

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Poke J said:

@Dragazaif you can dump the games RAM while you’re battling the trainer you can use this application to extract the Pokémon. 


Hello there! So I managed to find the pokemon in the memory viewer of VBA. I found it on the VRAM, address 0x02024744. Then, I exported it with the size of 600 bytes (100 would be enough I believe) and that program you suggested me made its magic. After I exported the desired pokemon, I opened the file in PKHex. It didn't work. I mean, the pokemon is there but it lacks its original information. Its met location is "poké transfer", origin game is "Emerald" when it should be Sapphire, and its IVs are all 15. Bad luck here. It seems the full information of the pokémon is not stored in Pokémon Emerald secret bases, when mixing records. So sad...

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these two threads are linked aren't they?

Anyhow if the PID is stored, we can make convincing recreations. Most Pokémon commonly use Method 1 for PIDIV generation (and encounter slot information can be derived from that, to cross reference against met location data), so it won't be an issue. Give us the save and we can check that.

Also, there's a chance the mon you extracted wasn't saved was either not saved as pk3, or you weren't using PKHeX with a Gen 3 save loaded.
Poketransfer isn't a location in Gen 3, and if PKHeX showed that, either one of those things were likely wrong.

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