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In the hours following the release, I had uploaded new zip files with patched versions. If you downloaded immediately after it was first released, you probably have a release that was behaving incorrectly (where the button press did not execute anything).

When I uploaded the final "hotfix" for 23.12.18, I changed the file name of the zip that is downloaded. Sending me a photo of the changelog screen does not confirm if you have downloaded the "PKHeX (23.12.18)a.zip".

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3 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

As was previously mentioned, you need to beat the DLC sufficiently for them to be available for unlock. If you "unlock" them prior to being possible, then they'll still appear disabled because you don't have enough overall progress with the main game.

I've beaten the DLC already though? Do I need to unlock the special boss or something? I've done the Pecharunt stuff too

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