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Bootleg Heartgold save file not loading in PkHeX

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Bootleg games often handle save data differently than the official games, and as a result can't even be dumped properly most of the time. That save file you included is completely blank (as in blank, there's nothing in it but zeroes). The actual save data could be stored any number of ways up to and including inside the ROM itself, and they tend to vary wildly between bootlegs. 


Even on the occasions they do manage to dump something, it's sometimes in a format not recognisable as a normal save file (PKHeX only supports saves from the actual games).

You might be out of luck here, sorry. 


EDIT: Multiple threads were made about this apparently, disregard this one??? Ionno

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1 hour ago, someone_named_chris said:

I've been trying to load my Pokemon Heartgold (Bootleg) save file into PkHeX, but whenever i load it in, this error message pops up:

I dont know how to fix this and i haven't found any info on this, so any help would be appreciated. POKEMON HG.sav (Sav File)

try finding a different method to extract the save. are you on NDS or 3DS, and what are you using to extract the save?

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