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trying to convert a .sav to .dat but keep getting corrupted data error on VC


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Probably best to use a sav.dat you get from VC, play until you name the rival, then use this save as a base to import your stuff?

Edit: did you try loading your .sav with PKHeX and then export it into a .dat?

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Keep in mind if you have dumped an existing save from the VC game using Jksv or Checkpoint and are replacing it with another you need to delete the "SecureValue" file which will be in the folder with the sav.dat file.

If you don't do this in my experience the VC game will think the save is corrupt if it has changed in any way (which it has if you are replacing it with a different save).

Also some emulators append more RTC data to the end of the save than what the VC game expects to be there, to fix this for Gen 2 games I open the save in a Hex editor such as HxD and delete anything after 00008000:


The size of a valid save should be exactly 32.0KB (the size on disk is irrelevant and could vary depending how your hard drive is formatted) 


If the save is the correct size its most likely the SecureValue that is giving you the problem.

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