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SV Gift Flying Pikachu No Longer Legal


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When I was using the current PKHeX master (commit 59e4ad6), I noticed that the Scarlet and Violet Flying Pikachu gift generated in PKHeX 230130 no longer shows up as legal and one generated in commit 59e4ad6 shows up as legal even in the older version. Is it correct that the old one shouldn't be legal?

PKHeX 230130 - 025 - Pikachu - D11DC20935AA.pk9 PKHeX 59e4ad6 - 025 - Pikachu - 464BF51EC743.pk9

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Yes, it is correct. Your Pikachu named "PKHeX 230130 - 025 - Pikachu - D11DC20935AA" incorrectly has random Height and Weight. The only possible Height and Weight for that mystery gift are either 128 (Rev1) or 0 (Rev2).

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