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Legality of trading using PKHex/Event files


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Question #1: I am playing Pokemon Y on real hardware (N3DS LL) and I "traded" a Torchic from a newly created Emerald save that was created using an emulator (VBA-M) directly to Pokemon Y. I have finished Pokemon Platinum/SoulSilver/White in a DS emulator (DeSmuMe) and soon Black 2 on real hardware (DSi XL). Is this "trade" seen as legitimate?

Question #2: If I use any of the event files in the event gallery here on the forum and directly inject that into my save will those Pokemon be considered legitimate aswell or is it illegal to get event pokemon after the event has expired?

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1) Emulators Vs real hardware is a controverse topic. Most communities sees playing on emulators as legitimate as long as roms are dumped from your own games. Some others don't like the idea of emulators or custom firmwares at all.

In the end, do what you like and what you feel good to.

There's the chance emulators don't accurately reproduce real hardware behaviour. For example, in Gen 3 there could be a different handling for vblank sometimes. That would result in illegal mons of course.


2) Injected events require third party tool to do modifications to save file/bcat, hence reasonably seen as non legit.

Tho, wondercard injection are completely legal, and game wise there's absolutely no difference than a legitimate one.

Legit -> no third party modifications and/or knowingly glitch abusing.

Legal -> could obtain that data within standard gameplay boundaries.

On the other hand, Injecting events directly into boxes makes PKHeX to simulate the wondercard redeeming process, and that might be more or less accurate. Im unsure if it reproduces the redeeming process 1:1 in all the games. In gen 9 it doesn't account for the "nickname bug", for example. Also unsure wheter it accounts for trash bytes, if any.

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