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PKHeX on Linux


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Ok, Preface first, I managed to run PKHeX on Linux, although I haven't test whether the edited save works or not because I didn't have my game atm.

Anyways this (hopefully) should be foolproof, considering I'm one and I managed to do it.... Oh and another disclaimer, don't expect the GUI will be pretty. Btw, I'll try to be as concisely as possible, I'm on my phone writing this.


1. Install PlayOnLinux. It's hassle free Wine from my limited experience, no need to manually set prefix or the like. Foolproof.

2. Download PKHeX and extract the compressed file like you would on Windows.

3. Right click .exe and choose the first option. [please refer to scr1 image]

4. The program will tell you that you missing dotnet (insert dotnet version here) and offer to download it for you by opening your browser (should be legit, it's legit Microsoft website after all).

5. Open the downloaded dotnet using the same step of the 3 step [please refer to scr2 image] and proceed to install it like you would on windows.

6. Magic(?) [scr3 image]


As you can see, the GUI doesn't seems displayed properly but hey, as long as it works some cosmetics imperfections can be overlooked.

Btw, just like I said on first paragraph, I haven't test whether the edited save works or nah because I currently didn't have any Pokemon games on hand, but it should works. If you have any Pokemon save game file you can test and report.

Hopefully this actually works and helping many people that currently on Linux.



Tested on Ultra Sun. Editing Pokemon is working [scr4 image].

So far afaik the only problem that I've encountered is in inventory editor, instead limit the items per category if you pick item on the drop-down it shows all items, irregardless of choose category [scr5 image (even if I'm on berries category but the drop-down show all items, although the Give all give category specific items)] 






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Came here to say that you can also get it running with Bottles.

Install Bottles, create a new container/bottle and install these in order dotnet40, dotnet45, dotnet452, dotnet46, dotnet461, dotnet462, dotnet472, dotnet48, dotnetcoredesktop3, dotnetcore3 (this one should be redundant but you can try installing it anyway) and dotnetcoredesktop6.

Finally download .NET Desktop Runtime 7 manually and install it using the "Run executable" in your bottle.

Mixing other dependencies besides these ones would mess it up for me somehow most of the time.

Now you can use this container for .Net apps in general if you want.

EDIT: Please ignore the fact that I have Flowgorithm there...It's not a dotnet program IK


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Thanks for sharing! I actually hadn't thought of directly installing NET 7 in the Wine prefix. I can finally delete the Windows virtual machine 😋

A little note to @Chillsmeit's post. You don't actually need to install all of the dotnet dependencies. Installing the NET 7 one from the provided link is enough. I'm using a clean prefix with Wine 8 and it's working perfectly fine.

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@Taku86 Yeah, you can just install  NET 7 for the new PKHex version. I just suggested people create a bottles container for NET apps in general. In my case I use NET7, NET 462 and 450 apps, so it was easier to make a container for all of them. Even though NET7 apps work in this case, it's not "officially" supported, I noticed that the NET7 programs are slow/sluggish, but maybe that's just on my end.

For other people interested in this but don't want to use bottles. You can do this on a wine prefix too.

For example to create the prefix:

WINEPREFIX=~/.mywineprefixnamehere winecfg

Then you can install supported dotnet or whatever you want with win10 mode in this example:

WINEPREFIX=~/.mywineprefixnamehere winetricks dotnet45 win10

Or if you only want NET7 for pkhex, you can create the prefix and install it through wine control:

WINEPREFIX=~/.mywineprefixnamehere wine control

After opening it you can go to "Add/Remove Programs", select "Install" and then manually pick the .NET Desktop Runtime 7 setup. It's also another way to do it

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