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  1. Chillsmeit

    PKHeX on Linux

    @Taku86 Yes, you only need .NET 7 for the new PKHex version. It was just a suggestion for people to create a bottles container for all .NET apps. In my case I use .NET 7 and .NET 6 apps, so it was easier to make a container for all of them to be honest. For other people interested in this but don't want/can't use bottles for some reason. You can do this on a wine prefix too. First make sure you have wine and winetricks installed. 1. For example to create the prefix: (when winecfg opens up, set it to windows 10 mode) WINEPREFIX=~/.mywineprefixnamehere winecfg 2. If you only want .NET 7 for PKHex, install it through wine control: (after you create the prefix) WINEPREFIX=~/.mywineprefixnamehere wine control After opening wine control, go to "Add/Remove Programs", select "Install" and then manually pick the .NET Desktop Runtime 7 setup you have downloaded. 3. Or if you want a wine prefix for all your .NET apps, you can install them all and set it to win10 mode like this: WINEPREFIX=~/.mywineprefixnamehere winetricks dotnet40 dotnet45 dotnet452 dotnet46 dotnet461 dotnet462 dotnet471 dotnet472 dotnet48 dotnetcoredesktop3 dotnetdesktop6 win10 EDIT: If winetricks complains. Try and update winetricks with "sudo winetricks --self-update". I also suggest you install "allfonts" with winetricks, sometimes you need them.
  2. Chillsmeit

    PKHeX on Linux

    Came here to say that you can also get it running with Bottles. Install Bottles and create a new container/bottle for applications, install these dependencies in order dotnet40, dotnet45, dotnet452, dotnet46, dotnet461, dotnet462, dotnet472, dotnet48, dotnetcoredesktop3 and dotnetcoredesktop6. Finally download .NET Desktop Runtime 7 manually and install it using the "Run executable" in your bottle. Mixing other dependencies besides these ones would mess it up sometimes and was a bit finicky. That's why I suggest a new container and installing these in order for bottles. Even though .NET 7 apps work in this case, it's not "officially" supported. So far I haven't experienced any crashes, but the issue is that the .Net 7 apps are slow. Regarding PKHEX, when you select a Pokemon, you have to wait a bit and you'll see the fields changing over time, just wait for it to finish. If you want it snappier, you can always use the 22.12.18 version instead, it works with Scarlet and Violet. Though in the future you'll probably have to use the newest version (which uses .NET 7). EDIT: If you only want/need PKHex, you can skip most of the steps above and just install .Net Desktop Runtime 7. But if you need a container for all your .Net apps (with different versions), I suggest doing all the steps above.
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