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[ScVi] Tera Finder - Save/RAM Tera Raid Viewer, Editor, Calculator (and more)!


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Tera Finder is a tool that allows to menage Tera Raids and Mass Outbreaks from any Scarlet/Violet save file, or from RAM for live reading/editings. All the raids produced by this program are completely legal!

Both a Standalone Launcher and PKHeX plugins are available for usage :)

The .NET Desktop Runtime 7.0 is required for this tool to work!

Compatible Games:

  • Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

Source Code:


Base Tutorials and Features:

Full Tutorials:

Feel free to comment this thread if you find any issues. Please check the troubleshooting page for common errors.


  1. Q) Can I use this program on unmodded Switch consoles?
    A) You can calculate seeds and generate PK9 files if you want, but interacting with the games requires Atmosphere CFW to be running on your Switch system.
  2. Q) Can I share the injected Raids online?
    A) Yes, injected raid seeds are completely legal and could have been generated during the normal gameplay of the game.
  3. Q) Can I generate a seed to produce Legendary / Shiny Locked / 999x Item Rewards / Unreleased stuff etc.
    A) This tool only produces legal raids. Check here to see what's possible and what not.

Related Tools:

  • RaidCalc - A super-fast, multiplatform Seed calculator, written in C++
  • RaidCrawler - A great SysBot-based Raid RAM Viewer with capabilites of automatate routines to search for wanted Raids, written in C#
  • sv-live-map - Another great SysBot-based RAM Viewer with capabilites of automate routines to search for wanted Raids, written in Python
  • sv_raid_lookup - A very cool website to check available raids and encounters, written in Rust
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Tera Finder has been updated to support the latest PKHeX 23.09.25 and the Scarlet & Violet 2.0.1, introducing The Teal Mask DLC.



* Compatibility with latest PKHeX 23.09.25
* Compatibilty with Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 2.0.1
   * Compatibility with Kitakami Raids
   * Initial compatibility with Kitakami Outbreaks thanks @zyro670 @santacrab2
   * Import 2.0.0 Raid Event Files
* No more multiple locations displayed & added Kitakami map locations
   * Thanks @kwsch for the locations dump and @LegoFigure11 @Lusamine for manual checking the missing coordinates
* Update translations thanks @ppllouf @wubinwww @bjxuf
* Misc fixes thanks @foohyfooh @Edg-Case
* Added a feature to Randomize or Shinify the current displayed Raid
* Added a feature to Randomize or Shinify all the Raids



Kitakami Outbreaks legal data is still a work in progress.

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