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Buying a hardmodded OLED Switch - Question editing Save Files for online use

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Hey folks!
New to the scene so forgive me if this has already been asked before,

I'm buying a hardmodded OLED Switch and I was wondering if it'd be possible to modify save files to use online?

I'm looking to edit Pokémon in PKHeX for Scarlet & Violet, and other future Pokémon games down the road.
This is the only thing I plan on doing with the Switch in CFW.

The only things I plan on having on the CFW are:
- Some kind of save editing tool like JKSV or Edizon to retrieve/overwrite the save file.
- Some kind of FTP tool to allow faster file transfer between Switch and PC, to save me removing the MicroSD card each time.

Is it possible to boot up CFW and safely edit the save file for use in OFW? or would it be safe to boot up the game directly in CFW? And what Save editing/FTP tools would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, what you want to do is safe to do online.

If those are the only things you intend to do, I have a few recommendations:

If you are having your personal OLED modded by someone else, please ask that they install no NSPs, Tinfoil, XCIs, and no emunand, as all are potential ban risks and you don't need any of them. Ask for the bare minimum required, ie Hekate and Atmosphere.

If you are buying a "premodded one", obtain proof that it has access to the eshop and online services and is not already banned. When it arrives, boot it into stock and before connecting it online, perform a full factory reset, and completely reformat the SD card to FAT32, as most sellers tend to load the console with a ton of bloat like "lots of free (pirated) games" which can get you banned, and bundled software you don't want or need.

If you have to do the latter, you will want to install custom firmware on your own at that point, from scratch. If the process is generally the same as installing custom firmware for non-hard modded consoles, you can follow this guide: 

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Hey Atrius97,
Thanks for the quick response.

The guy sells premodded consoles and provides a video of the product showing serial number, package contents and functionality etc, so that's all good.
They do say however that they install the "HATS" pack which can be found here: https://github.com/sthetix/HATS/releases
Tinfoil is in the pack so I can just ask that they don't install the pack for me.

Once again sorry for the general cluelessness here but would you say JKSV and FTPD Pro would do the job for what I'm after?

Finally, how would I go about updating the firmware? Would it be safe to update it the normal way or would I need something like AIO Switch Updater to do it?

Thanks again!

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I usually use nxmtp to conect my switch via usb or the pkhex plug in to conect via wifi.

About upadting firmware, dont update anything immediatly. First wait for atmosphere to update, copy/paste the files on the SD and latter update the ofw

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