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Can't get DS pokemon editor

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I'm trying to edit some pokemon base stats in heart gold but I can't download the ds pokemon editor to do so. One of the sites I downloaded it from requires a password on the rar file I don't know and the other website has the link to download it blocked. I was hoping someone could just post the file or show me a link that works. Thank you.

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8 hours ago, DarthGreymon said:

https://www.hackromtools.info/ds-pokemon-editor/ I was thinking of this one but if you could tell me how to edit base stats on that editor that would work to. I tried using that one but couldn't find where to edit pokemons stats


Or if anyone has any editor that can edit heartgold pokemon basestats I would be very grateful 

join here for further help: https://discord.gg/zAtqJDW2jC

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