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Hacking in pokemon


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So, I'm planning on using pkhex in order to hack in a level 5 mew in sword and shield, onto a switch that I've hacked and transfer it into another switch that isn't modded to bring it over to there. So my question is that, is it possible for me to be banned on either of those switches? It's going to be a normal low level mew that I want due to testing out something. I'm not going to hack in any other moves, stats, etc so I don't think that I would, but just to be sure I'm asking here. Thanks for any responses!

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In general, most pokemon will not get you banned, especially if they have legal values. 

To my knowledge, they've only been three ban waves during Gen 8, hacked raids prior to Isle of armor, the HOME ban wave in January 2021 (people were moving obviously hacked Pokemon through HOME, via account sharing) and a few isolated Korean bans from a tournament where they were using Pokemon that were obviously hacked, to the point that they included nicknames of websites that sold hacked Pokemon.

It's also perfectly fine to transfer save files locally between two switches, although Cloud saves should be avoided if the save was altered in any way. 

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