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Mew Gen 1 OT

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1 hour ago, Mitch03 said:

Using "YOSHI" is probably a play on the old rumour that Yoshi was programmed into Pokémon as a secret 152th Pokémon. It also helped to promote other Nintendo properties.

The whole "RA" "RB" ""BA" "BB" is just something they did to signify the Pokémon being distributed by a different machine.

Like PCNY(a-d), LINK(E,W), LUIGI(E,W)

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3 hours ago, Mitch03 said:

I think the LINK 'E' is east tour and 'W' is west tour

i just couldnt find much information about the 'RA' 'RB' 'BA' 'BB'

You can use the search tool in the posts of this site, because this was already mentioned before. Still we can't be sure 100% of everything yet.


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