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BW2 Overworld Hero Sprite editing - what am I doing wrong here?

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I am trying to make a (what I thought) relatively easy change on a White 2 rom for Desume. I want to replace the female hero with my own OC, and am starting just with overworld sprites. I have read and watched instructions on this and cannot figure out where I'm going wrong. Please help! 

What I am trying to do (as an example, just step one):

  • replace Rosa's walking/running animation with my character's walking/running animation.




with this: 


Steps I take:

  • Open Nitroexplorer.
  • Open White 2 ROM.
  • Navigate to a/0/4/8.
  • Extract narc, saved as 8.narc.
  • Open narc with BWOE.
  • Go to file 218.
  • Import my PNG to file 218 (this displays correctly).
  • Save narc as 8new.narc.
  • Open Nitroexplorer.
  • Reinsert 8new.narc into a/0/4/8. Says reinserted successful.

However, when I then open the ROM in Desume, the overworld sprite is a MESS, it looks like this:








AND, when I backtrack and reopen the narc in BWOE, and click back to file 218, there is no PNG at all. Like at all, not even the option to import or export image. 

The sprite is exactly 16 pixel colors (15 + the background), and each sprite is perfectly placed where Rosa's walking/running sprites were.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

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