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Lady Aquarii


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Hey guys. Should of posted this earlier, buuuuut I was distracted by *SHIIIIIINY*

Hey guys, I'm Lady Aquarii, the old-school but oh so new-quality girl from Nashville, TN.

I hate country music, as most Nashville natives do, and I've lived in Nashville in Bellevue in the same house since I was born. This city's reeeeally small and quiet, but it's full of annoying-as-hell tourists-turned-citizens that you constantly have to put up with. It's a nice city/town/county/whatever-it's-everything, and it's the most northern-minded, southern-mannered town anywhere. It's the squat middle of the south and we seem to be the eye of the tornado in culture and style.

My first name's Anna, and my nicknames are Hoshi and Lilith, as well as several screen names etc. You can call me anything as long as it's not meant as an insult :33

I'm 21, born Jan 27th, and a January Aquarius X33~<3 Which makes me awesome B333

I've played Pokemon since Gen I with Yellow, and have mastered Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Emerald, and Diamond all legitly :3 I also don't intend to hack my Platinum until I finish the game :33 I'm weird like that :P

Annnnd... Uh... I love cats and I'm a complete otaku? I'm obsessed with Sailor Moon and have a fanfic for it ^^;;

Actually, my name is based off the main character from that series, Sailor Aquarius, and my avatar is of her that I made myself :33

I'm a home-made gamer and I prefer RPGs and FPSs. I'm a loyal Halo fan as well as an old-school Sims fan, even though I'm trying to get out of it, since it's so addictive and I spend more time downloading stuff than playing the game :/ I'm a Zelda fan as well :D

Aaaaand, my favorite pokemans are Mewtwo, Lugia, & Totodile-> Feraligatr :D

I should shut up now >.>...

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Hey! Thanks for joining our community! It's good you legitimately finished all previous versions :P (what about Pearl? :P), i like playing RPGs too but on sa-mp only, and i used to play FPS on sauerbraten and Assault Cube, both are free games and they're based on the cube engine :P, but it sucks now cause most countries are Firewall banned for cheating lol.

Anyway, hope you enjoy staying here and having fun with people.

best regards,


PS:nice avatar you made :P

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@Guardna: Heh, I have Diamond, can't afford Pearl! Heh, thanks :3


@Zengetsu: Indeed!

Thanks guys :DDD

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You are so not new!

And purple monkey dishwasher is almost as random as upsidedown urinal storytellers.

I didn't say I was new, now did I?


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