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Pokemon black and white 1 how to edit the type chart / type effectiveness

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So i am making this quick guide on how to edit the type effectiveness chart in Black and White 1 (yes this only works in the the first games and not B2W2)  The reason i am making this, is that i saw see alot of guides on how to change the types chart in BW2 but not on the first games, it took finding some deep burried post to find it and it wasn't exactly clear either.


So here is a list of what you will need. 

BRZ decompression tool


A rom of Black or White 1


Ok so starting off you want a to open a ROM of black or white to in crystal tile 2 and press CTRL+N to open up the overlays, Find overlay_0093.bin

And RIGHT CLICK and press extract (wherer you can find it) 

Now that you have extracted it Open BRZ decompression tools Link to BLZ https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/826/

Here is a link to CrystalTile 2 https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/818/


Open BLZ via Windows command line or CMD, by opening CMD and dragging the BLZ.exe onto the cmd, Then Write  "-d " after the text, of the directory Location.  The inserted BLZ file so it should look like ">"C:\Users\Users PC\Desktop\(your directory file)\blz.exe" in your command line. Depending on where you have your BLZ.exe stored.


Now that you have written "-d" after the directory location of BLZ, also drag and drop (or manually write) the directory of your  OVERLAY_0093.bin file

so in the end it should look something like this 

"C:\Users\(your username)\Desktop\Roms and pokemon related\blz.exe" -d "C:\Users\(your username) \Desktop\Roms and pokemon related\overlay9_0093" 

press enter and it should say "file decompressed" or something like that and it should say "done" 

Open the now decompressed overlay_0093.bin file in any hed editor of your choice and you should see a bunch of numbers (duh) 
Now for the editing part, the type chart is on a 17x17 Grid starting at offset 3A37C with normal type attacking normal and ending at 3A49C dark attacking dark.

The type effectiveness is distributed by 3 different values. 00 meaning a type takes 0 damage and its immune, 02 meaning the attacker deals half damage or "Not very effective", 04 meaning its a normal effectiveness, its neutral and 08 meaning the attack is super effective.

So 00 = immune. 02 = not very effective. 04 = neutral effectiveness. 08 = super effective 


i have provided 1 file with the distribution of the types inline with the hex offsets, so that you can just adjust the types you want then copy and paste the grid into the starting offset and the ending offset of the type chart.


also here are the type chart offsets for each type, and each type takes exactly 17 slots for its attacking line (horizontal) and 17 for its defending line (vertical) 

These offsets covers the first type a type attacks (first offset) to the last type it attacks on the grid (the last offset)

1 Normal types hex offset: 3A37C-3A38C 
 2 Figthing Types hex offset:3A38D-3A39D
 3 Flying types Hex offset:3A39E-3A3AE
 4 Poison types offset: 3A3AF-3A3BF
 5 Ground offset: 3A3C0-3A3D0
 6 Rock offset: 3A3D1-3A3E1
 7 Bug offset:  3A3E2-3A3F2
 8 Ghost offset: 3A3F3-3A403
 9 Steel offset: 3A404-3A414
 10 fire offset: 3A415-3A425
 11 Water offset: 3A426-3A436
 12 Grass types HEX offset: 3A437-3A447
 13TYPE_ELEC = 3A448-3A458
14 TYPE_PSY = 3A459-3A469
15 TYPE_ICE = 3A46A-3A47A
16 TYPE_DRAGON = 3A47B-3A48B
17 TYPE_DARK = 3A48C-3A49C



Once you are done editing your OVERLAY_0093.bin file in any hex editor of your choice. Take it back to the same CMD process as we did before.

Insert the BRZ file gain into the CMD, but this time instead of writing -d write -en to encode the overlay0093.bin file, you do the exact same thing of drag and dropping BRZ then writing the -en command and then drag and drop the edited overlay0093.bin file.


Now that you are finished encoding the edited file, open crystaltile 2, open the black/white rom press CTRL+N again Find overlay 0093.bin inside CRYSTALTILE2 again and then right click on it and press import, now import the edited 0093 overlay file to replace the non edited file. and tada it should be done.


Quick reminder black and white overlay_0093.bin files are not useable between these two games so if you use the overlay of one game to another you will probably crash.

Type chart info 2.docx

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