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Using PKHeX: PID Mismatch - Origin Game SWSH

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This guide to resolve any issues users get when they try to change their stats of a Pokémon from Gen 8. 

One reason why people get various PID-Mismatch or Invalid Encounter type of messages for Pokémon that originate from SWSH, is because they did not modify the Pokémon correctly.
(Remember: if your encounter details are invalid, then doing this won't work. This assumes your other encounter details are valid.)

In Generations 8, due to an in-depth understanding of how the game mechanics call stats for (mostly) Overworld Pokémon, the Personality Value (PID) is tied to various other values related to the Pokémon generation procedure in-game, such as Individual Values (IVs), Height, Weight, and Encryption constant.

This method of correlation is known as overworld8.

You can read more about it here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/58824-swsh-overworld8-pid-type/


Basic Preparation
1. Gen 8 OW PID Genner will be the tool we use to find correct information (PID/IVs etc)
2. PKHeX Plugin for OVerworld8 IV Searcher for searching by IVs (it would have similar UI as the one above, for the most part)
3. Time and patience. I cannot stress this enough.
4. Knowing whether your encounter can have any guaranteed IVs.
5. (Optional) For beginners, I recommend Searching for particular IVs, then Shinification (Keeps PID, changes TID/SID).

Other options for beginners:
If you want to search for IVs
I recommend Searching for particular IVs.

If you want to make any given legal overworld8 PID shiny
I recommend Shinification (Keeps PID, changes TID/SID).

If you don't care about IVs, and just want a shiny with your TID/SID combo
I recommend Shinification (Keeps TID/SID, changes PID).

If you want a Pokémon with a certain PID, TID and SID to be shiny
I recommend Shinification (Keeps TID, SID, and PID).

If you've become accustomed to how the tool works
you can play around with other options, but all at your own risk.

Searching for particular IVs


If using Gen 8 OW PID Genner


1. Load up Gen 8 OW PID Genner

2. Click on IV Searcher. A new form will pop up

3. Select one of the starting parameters you want, then hit Set

(For the purposes of this demonstration, we'll select All 25 >)

4. (Optional) Change Initial Seed and Guaranteed IVs if necessary.
Initial Seed - a value from (hex) 0 to FFFFFFFF. Just changes the starting point of values displayed. You can ignore it if you don't understand it.
Guaranteed IVs - this should match your encounter. Some encounters have no guaranteed IVs, some have 3, so change it to match your encounter.

5. Click Search.

6. Once you're satisfied, hit Cancel to stop searching.
Look at the results generated!

Note: Hits shows the amount of results generated that matches the conditions you indicated.

6. For purposes of this demonstration, we'll use the data from the first row to make an entry legal.
Here's an overworld Pokémon that is illegal for some reason.

7. Insert PID, EC, IVs, HT, WT

Congratulations, you now have a legal PID!

If using the Overworld8 PKHeX Plugin


1. Load up PKHeX, Load up a SWSH save, and open the plugin

2. View an Overworld8 mon in PKHeX's viewer [Note: The plugin window can stay open]

3. Now go back to the plugin.

Make sure you do the following:
(a) Change the IVs to what you want
(b) Indicate if you want a shiny, what kind of shiny, and whether to include Forced Shinies
(c) Indicate whether to have TID/SID taken from the Trainer (save) or the Pokémon.
(d) Select Overworld8
(e) Indicate the Guaranteed IVs that the encounter allows. Reminder: this is not what you want, but rather what the encounter specifies.
(f) Finally, hit Search VIA IVs


4. It might take a while for some entries to be found. When there are entries and you're satisfied, hit Cancel

5. Now mouse click over the row of data that you want to insert into the viewed Pokémon.
(a) The selected row will be indicated by the black arrow. Then,
(b) once done, hit Send to Viewer

6. Now go back to your viewer.

Congratulations, you now have a legal Overworld8 mon. All you gotta do is Set it to your PC/Party.

Note: Please do not make mons from scratch. Also keep in mind that your viewed mon/the mon you're editing will need other valid details not provided, like Route, Level, Memories etc.


Shinification (Keeps PID, changes TID/SID)


1. Open up Gen 8 OW PID Genner, and select either of these options in the main form.

For this demonstration, we will be picking Square.

2. After you picked your option, ensure the text below says (Keep PID).

3. Paste your legal overworld8 PID into the box.

4. Now click on Shiny Generate.

5. Congratulations, new TID/SID combo has been generated for your Pokémon bearing that PID.

Shinification (Keeps TID/SID, changes PID)


0. Note: If you're using the PKHeX Plugin, you can also perform the step Searching by particular IVs above, but have all the wanted IVs set to [0][], and have the Shiny checkbox checked.


1. Open up Gen 8 OW PID Genner, and select either of these options in the main form.image.png

For this demonstration, we will be picking Square (longer).

2. After you picked your option, ensure the text below says (Keep TID / SID).

3. Key in your TID and SID in the textboxes provided.

For this demonstration, TID will be 567890 and SID will be 1234.

4. Now click on Shiny Generate.

5. Data will be generated for you to edit into your Pokémon.

Note: It may take a while for data to appear. Hence why longer is in search name.

6. Once you input the data into your Pokémon, you'll have a legal shiny!

Shinification (Keeps TID, SID, and PID)


If your Pokémon wasn't already shiny, you cannot keep all 3 of these.
One of them has to change.
This tool cannot perform magic.

(And even if it was already shiny, you won't be able to change from square to star or vice versa. That's not how shiny calculation works)

You can play around with the tool. There are other shiny search types programmed into it.


View full tutorial

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On 9/26/2023 at 10:06 PM, Necro57 said:

What are guaranteed IVs and how do you determine how many IVs were guaranteed in an encounter?

Sorry to necro. The amount of “guaranteed IVs” are known based on encounter type, or any other details that were datamined. For example, some brilliant encounters have 1 or 2 (if I’m not mistaken). Wilds have 0. Symbol encounters can have 3, depending on what you’re fighting. Gotta do research on what encounter you intend to use the tool to validate.

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