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Modifying the BW2 Forced Shiny Code


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So, I've trying to test if certain things will be effected by TuxSH/Bibou261's lock removal code for BW2. He has stated it works on the Static Encounters, Entralink Forest and Mystery Gift Pokemon which has all been proven true. But he didn't state anything about the Dream Radar, Hidden Grottos or the In-Game Trades (Which all are dynamic) in BW2. I've already proven Dream Radar to be unlockable through brute force using a modified Black 2 ROM making the odds 1/257.

Normally, the best way to check if it would work would be to use a Forced Shiny Cheat alongside the lock removal code but the forced shiny cheat will surpass any and all shiny locks which I'm trying to prevent.

The strange thing is in the original BW Games using a forced shiny cheat on something that is locked will just freeze the game normally. This is the one for BW that freezes on locked Pokemon: 

Atm, I've asked @Aspharon on Twitter/Discord to help me out with this project and he has compressed the original code, which we assume was made by Kyohack back in the day.

Here's the modified code that they came up with like a month ago which still bypasses asses any and all shiny locks: https://twitter.com/Aspharon/status/1351178924374585353

What would need to be modified to basically make the forced shiny cheat in BW2 freeze on Locked Pokemon like with BW. I don't know if there's an easy method to convert that specific BW code into BW2.



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