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Ayo can someone fix my Slowkingso it's legal?

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4 hours ago, OllieAndIgllu said:

for some reason it says there's a problem with them every time

My suggestions to you for the future is to edit an existing Pokémon and make sure you're paying attention to what moves that Pokémon can learn. Anyways the issues that you had with this Pokémon are 1) ability appears invalid, 2) move issues, and 3) you didn't add an encryption value to the Pokémon. So for future reference this is how you fix these issues:

1) Toggle the ability to either ability 1 or 2 then back to your desired ability should clear up that problem.

2) First make sure you're adding legal moves to the Pokémon. Second eggs, event (Pokémon from Mystery Gift), and some special encounter Pokémon have "Relearn Moves" which is the box under the "Current Moves" box in the Attacks tab. PKHeX can auto file this be holding shift + left click in the Relearn Moves box.

3) This is a personal pet peeve of mine when people don't do this, but very bottom of the OT/Misc tab is where you can set the "Encryption Constant" for the Pokémon. Initially for a Pokémon made from scratch this field is all 0s which yes is a valid encryption, but it's very suspicion if it remains all 0s.

Here is the fixed Pokémon and I hope these pointers will help you in the future.


199-01 ★ - Ibn Sina - 1EB52B4B5EEA.pk8

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I will also add that pokemon generated on Sword/Shield should have height and weight values. As with the encryption constant, a value of 0 is possible but extremely unlikely and I always consider a pokemon with 0 in height/weight/EC as hacked.

Another route to create a new pokémon would be to take a legal pokemon of the same species (you can use a pk8 file from the download page) and then edit it.

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