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Is it possible to reset Professor Birch Starters Gifts ? - Pokémon ORAS


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I already got the starters given by Birch after the Delta episode and I wanted to know if it was possible to reset this event in order to make it appear again when I fly back to Littleroot town?

I looked on Pkhex if it was possible to modify these in-game events but I couldn't find it. So I would like to know if it was possible and if so, how should I do it?
I would like to have these shiny starters but having already got them once I can't get them anymore.

Thank you for your answers !

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well.... you can get a gen 3 starter at the start of the game, after Delta episode credits and all you are back to town then you can chose from gen 2, then go to defeat elite 4 after credits you are back to town again you can get a gen 4 starter, beat elite 4 again and after credits you can chose from gen 5.... the gen 1 and gen 6 startes are ibtainable in XY, this is how you get all 6 gen starters between the 4 games..

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