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Gen 5 infrared weirdness


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I was trying to get the keys for one of the chambers in b2w2 and it didn't work but when I try White and White2 the infrared works somehow. Is it some weird glitch or what? I was using Unova link for b2w2 (of course) and infrared trading for white and white2. I was using a basic 3ds and a 2ds.

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I'll like some clarification:
Is the game that is trying to send the key, and the game that is trying to receive the key, are both retail carts?
(You mentioned White and White 2, but I assume there's one more game involved. It didn't mention which is the sender, and which is receiver, in relation to keys, so I'm not naming the specific games above.)

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I've read that the keys can be sent via local wireless or infrared, so if it's not detecting, probably isn't an "infrared weirdness issue" (as per your title).

Try having both games take turns to use poketransfer at the transfer lab to receive something from a Gen 4 game.
Apparently if they game thinks the save has hacked elements, that will cause a "no compatible cart" in the other device during the download play segment. Who knows if the keys system have that kind of functionality as well.

Besides that, I can't think of anything :/

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