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[BUG] Manaphy Egg shown illegal / wrong Egg met date if I import directly the pgt

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Hello, today I noticed two little bugs about Manaphy Egg.

I used a real Pokémon Ranger game to send the Manaphy Egg via Rangernet (with real hardware) into a Pokémon Diamond cartdridge. I made different backups before and after receiving the Gift from the postman in the Pokémon Market.

1) The Manaphy Egg received is shown illegal in PKHeX, but, after hatching it, the newborn Manaphy became legal.

490 - Uovo - 1A26464EBFD5.pk4

image.png.d10e9d50b08df1eb88695a3a14b05925.png  image.png.52dbfc167006ff587663682fe05a8e01.png

2) Then I tried to import the .pgt file (previously extracted) directly into Box. Here I noticed that the Met Date and Date in Egg Met Condition are inverted. It should be today's date in Egg Met Conditions and a "placeholder" date (01/01/2000) in Met Date, until the Egg is hatched (like in the original Egg shown in the other picture I attached).

1590634743_Wrongdate.png.aeee943f39cb3df042f1fc713d68d817.png   1686810488_PokemonDiamanteIta__10879.png.bdc4445e68d743fa70d6d255b4fe985d.png

These aren't very big problems, but I thought it was better to report them😄

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@Kaphotics sorry for disturbing again, but yesterday I forgot another little related bug.

If I take the Manaphy Egg from the postman, the language is the same as the game. But when importing pgt file into Boxes it is automatically set in English, even if both save file, from IV gen game and Pokémon Ranger, are in another language (Italian in this case).

image.png.3219c0b8560aac9497fcf3a2d88b5247.png   183540834_ManaphyLang.png.c792fc7e906e06ef882bde6c804fb23f.png

NA - Raw Gift (Uovo di Manaphy PR1).pgt

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