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Convert .gpk to .pkm?


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This is the official page of Pokestock, the "pokemon management tool" that allows you to edit pokemon for both GBA and DS games :


And this is the latest version (11.5) :


Ask someone who can read Japanese like Guested, maybe he could retrieve some information about that editor (and how to download it >.>).

But honestly i think the only way to convert GBA pkmn to DS is simply to migrate them. The pokemon structures are different in each game (even between FRLG and RSE).

For example, GBA games use a 80/100 byte structure for pokemon data, and DS games use 136/236 byte structure. Not to mention the way they are stored in boxes/party slots.

I remember Codemonkey85 tried to understand how the GBA save file algorithm is determined, as well as the offsets of the stored pkmn. But i don't know where he got with his research.

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To be honest... it's been a while since I've programmed anything, unfortunately. But where I was when I left off, I was very nearly finished with a tool to convert GBA Pokémon to DS Pokémon. I am just missing a few pieces of information. I'll have to go over my code again to see what was missing, and straighten that out, before I can release a converter, since I want the Pokémon to come out 100% legal.

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