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Problem editing shiny rate in volt white 2


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I'm working on a fusion hack rom based on drayano's pokemon volt white 2. 

The game's working fine but i'd like to change the shiny rate. 

Here's what i did so far :

- Extracted (not exported) the arm9.bin with crystaltile2

- found the right offset for '08 28' at 0x18e1c

- tried to change it with crystaltile2 or hxd

The problem is when i try to compress it back in volt white 2. The same message: "file too small. Insert it somewhere else". keep poping and i'm stuck in an infinite loop. 

I also tried to use tinke instead of crystaltile2 but i can't compress the arm9 with it. 

When i do the same thing with a white 2 rom it works fine but i can't find a way to do it with volt white 2. 

Also the size of the arm9.bin keep changing when i update it. Is there a way to change it cleanly without changing the file size ? 

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14 minutes ago, 0x3DD3CE said:

Use Crystal tile, select arm9.bin, and use the compress selection and import your edited arm9

Already tried that. 

That's when I get the error : "file too small... " and the infinite loop

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1 hour ago, 0x3DD3CE said:

Did you do this?


This is exactly what I did since the beginning...
If I click OK on the popup, it keeps poping again and nothing appens (the infinite loop I was talking about in my first post)

I know how to do it and it works just fine when I do the same thing with pokemon white 2 but I can't make it work with pokemon VOLT white 2
The other thing is that the arm9.bin have different sizes. I made some test and this is what I get :
- arm9 extracted :
- arm9 exported : 462Ko (used as reference for the size)
- arm9 extracted, edited with crystaltile or hxd (same result here), compressed, then exported : 574Ko

the third line should be the same size as the second one.
Is there a way to compress it cleanly before I put it back in the rom ?

compress ct2.png

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You used the Extract(U) option at the beginning right?


Try extracting it again, then use HxD to edit (Not Crystal Tile) the two bytes and insert it.


I think it may be a problem with Volt White 2 as Drayano removed unused data which messes with the pointers etc

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I've looked around and theres something that says the rates in BB2/VW2 were updated to have the same shiny odds as their Platinum Redux (i think 1/562?)but I've legit seen that as I was looking into downloading the patch today on one page so not credible I don't get why they don't just make the odds the same as their Storm silver which is 1/275 I've still only seen 4 and couldn't catch 2 of them due to situation and I grind like crazy so those odds seem perfect to me

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