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SIgning up for online competition communication error

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Hi. Not sure where to ask but this place seems appropriate. 
I am trying to sign up for the online competition in my shield game. When i attempt to do this and get prompted if i am sure i want to join, i hit yes and then i get a message "Communication Error. Please start again from the beginning." and then takes me back to the competition menu. I was able to participate in the first online competition (galar beginners) but i have not been able to sign up to any competitions since then (the last 2 ICs and the current one, International Friendly). The system i am using is my CFW system and i have some injected mons in the game file. No mons indicate failed legality via the pkhex check. Software and firmware are all up to date, I have no issues with trading, max raid battles, casual, or ranked battles. I have collected all my mystery gifts and battle stadium rewards. What other things can i check to resolve this issue? 

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Without a save the is directly at "before when I could still sign up" and "after I can no longer sign up", it is hard to pinpoint what is the flag/value making you unable to sign up.
I can only assume that is a flag that gets set when the game detects illegal activity. As it is, this is a wild goose chase.

Try completing another save (or using a completed save) and see if it's possible.
Also possible the server is blocking your Game sync ID (of whatever the equivalent is on this gen). Try blanking it out, then connect to the servers (so that you get a new one), then trying again.

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13 minutes ago, lacdaddy said:

Thanks for reply. 
how do i blank out my game sync id? 


no idea where it is. Such a value existed for LGPE, so I'm pretty certain it exists for SWSH, just having trouble locate it.
Try playing a new save game (make sure you back up your old one). If you can sign up there, then it's almost definitely that.

edit: It's possible they no longer have the value, but instead use your Nintendo Account (the thing you link to your profile).
Make sure you run a few different tests..

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I have this problem and it started when I messed up with my registered battle team. 

I removed my team at the end of the previous online competition and then restored a save file in which my team was still registered. 

Now the game is thinking I have a team registered to the online competition while the servers is thinking the opposite (or at least I think that's the problem) 

Since I am not really interested in this I haven't searched how to solve yet. 

Maybe your case is similar to mine.

I have also messed up the registered team with LiveHex, it doesn't recognize what mon is locked and I have changed one that was supposed to be locked. 

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Thanks Skylink24. Im going to try to load up a save file from the last competition i was able to participate in, hopefully being able to fix this issue.

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