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  1. Thanks Skylink24. Im going to try to load up a save file from the last competition i was able to participate in, hopefully being able to fix this issue.
  2. Thanks for reply. how do i blank out my game sync id?
  3. Yes. I can access the e-shop. Upon investigating further, I realized I can't sign up or host non-official competitions either. Here are my main and backup files from check point incase they help determine what the issue is backup [Dave (SH) - 011911010054].bak main
  4. Hi. Not sure where to ask but this place seems appropriate. I am trying to sign up for the online competition in my shield game. When i attempt to do this and get prompted if i am sure i want to join, i hit yes and then i get a message "Communication Error. Please start again from the beginning." and then takes me back to the competition menu. I was able to participate in the first online competition (galar beginners) but i have not been able to sign up to any competitions since then (the last 2 ICs and the current one, International Friendly). The system i am using is my CFW system and i have some injected mons in the game file. No mons indicate failed legality via the pkhex check. Software and firmware are all up to date, I have no issues with trading, max raid battles, casual, or ranked battles. I have collected all my mystery gifts and battle stadium rewards. What other things can i check to resolve this issue?
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