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Can't open the Alpha Sapphire main file in PKHeX


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53 minutes ago, theternal said:


I am uploading the main file. Whenever i try to open it in my PKhex it shows an error message. Pls help. 


main 472 kB · 0 downloads

It looks like you have yet to start a game. Either that, or you uploaded the wrong file.

This file appears to not have been initiated. Can you save in-game twice after getting the starter, then try again?

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16 hours ago, theternal said:

When ever I try to save in-game, the screen pauses forever. It doesn't saves. I can only save by emulator.

if that's the case, it's Citra's problem. You gotta report to Citra (probably their raise an issue on their github).

Without a proper save made via saving in-game, you won't be able to use PKHeX.

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