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Editing the trainer name list B2W2

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Interesting.... probably some unused data?


edit: BTW I just copy pasted one of my scripts that worked (with the NPC and movement and item changes) and it still doesn't work :/

kinda confused now...

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Yeah the backup is a help, but sometimes I leave it open for a day or so and forgot....then I lose track of what I did haha

I am going to try a bit more on this over the weekend

Do you know if there is any version specific trainers?
I know N and Benga have two different IDs for B and W. However I was just wondering if there is any others - I cant seem to find a list online

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Managed to put him somewhere else with success, currently these are the places where it is not working..

Misralton city, Route 7, Nacrene city

By the way, did you figure out how text is written in-battle (i.e. when the person is defeated he / she says something)

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What is the exact thing you are trying to do ? Just so I can try and give the correct response.

For the in battle it was just the edits in 382 of a002.narc. I matched the trainer ID to where the text was and just replaced it and reuploaded it if it was inplace of an existing trainer.

It looks like there is a way to add it in if you are adding a new trainer , I swear I’ve done it in my testing - I will have a look tonight after work and get back to you 👍

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I'm trying to add some trainers with their own lines in-battle


Sorry to double post but I'm having a minor setback right now.... I am able to add legendary encounters but if I accidentally KO them, they don't seem to be giving experience unless the Pokemon I used is lower level... as a reference I'm using the 0x297 for the battle


edit: nvm fixed it

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the super late reply !

Work got seriously busy the last 2 weeks coming out of lockdown so Iv been struggling for time


Glad you got the exp sorted - Iv honestly never come across that

Have you managed to work out the other NPC issues ?


As for my NPC trainer issues.... what I found was that there were some season only trainers (Pokemon Rangers) on Route 23.

I put Suicune at the bottom of the waterfall as an overworked encounter for the post-game, but it seemed to kill the ‘under leaves’ hiding for the Rangers no matter how I set it up .... for some reason it precents the encounter script for the Rangers to pop out from under the leaves in Autumn. Even though I couldn’t find a conflict.

So I couldn’t battle them.

So in one version of the hack,  I just used their slots for the Challenger Cave trainers ,  changed their trainer Pokemon  and trainer class in BWTE - altered their text in a002 and they worked now. Basically just moved them from Point A to Point B.

I haven’t worked out how to change the items they give however , since Rangers always give berries - I’m going to try and change them to Rare items (Sacred Ash , Power Herb etc)  or Rare Candies in Challenger Cave at some point.


The custom battle versions using script in a056 all work, bar the NPCs don’t walk towards the character when in sight as of yet.... haven’t managed to get that to work yet.

 Iv put that on one side for now until later as I was loosing days trying to work it out.

So I have two variants of the game done for those currently - neither are currently perfect and will come back to them once I have a bit more patience haha


Currently I’m working on editing the in game events for Genesect , Landorus and Keldeo to work without having Fateful Ecounter Pokemon.

The Genesect event Iv got successfully to work! Where no matter what time you enter P2 lab , the event starts and runs once. 

There is an interaction with an overworld Genesect in the corner of the lab once you beat the scientist, that can be battled and captured + rebattled after beating the E4 again if you knock it out .

So that all works perfect.


Landorus’ however is somewhat of a nightmare , I might need to seek help on what command defines the Pokemon as being in Therian Form and Fateful Encounter / Dream Radar . 

Since the script has 2 compare variables in there which I cannot by pass currently .


Really wish PPRE worked with BW and B2W2 at times 😅 ah well ! 

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Basically  I have already put Landorus into the Abundant Shrine, who appears infront of the shrine -  after a flag is cleared from beating N's dragon.

I have already been able to make him show up in battle in Incarnate, Incarnate Shiny, Therian and Therian Shiny. Albeit I am only showing him in Incarnate for now as it matches the sprite in-game.
I found the script for that from the Nature Preserve Shiny Haxorus and the thread here: 

The NPRE script I currently have is attached.
Most of it is the original apart from the final part which is the Landrous battle I have added (It is just a tweak of the Shiny Haxorus script from the Nature Preserve)

A video of the actual real event for the Reveal Glass is in the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtHrBnuHsks


I will need to change the start of the NPC script- so the script doesn't trigger when you pass a certain co-ordinate , rather so it triggers when spoke too. That shouldn't be too hard.

It is more the initial two scripts in the file, where the variables are set....

I believe the two variables are checking that :

1) it is in Therian Form
2) it is from Dream Radar

I need to change it so it is just a Landorus of any form, and that the Landorus doesn't need to come from Dream Radar

There are two compares, so I assume the 2 options are correct...it is just working out what to change to get the desired result.

No biggy at the moment, I have kinda been taking it steady on the ROM hacking learning recently after work got so busy recently - so I am stuck to Sunday's only really at the moment for serious progress bar the odd couple of hours at night if I am not exhausted.

Landorus Script - BW2 Abundant Shrine

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Oh alright... I just tried adding an event of my own that triggers a battle with Kyogre. It's very similar to that of Kaphotics' Zapdos one, just that for some reason the Pokemon that are supposed to appear in the overworld aren't doing so... otherwise the battle goes on alright and the possibilities are sealed.

As for the checking of Lando whether it is Lando-I or Lando-T I strongly suggest analysing Regigigas' script in Twist Mountain as it requires the Regi Trio to be caught. That should solve both your problems. As an alternative, you could check an in-game trade script and rip the part where your menu opens to select the Pokemon to be given.


Hope this helps!

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I do have a Kyogre battle script with the event happening in the largest room of the Abyssal Ruins (sits just infront of the Relic Crown)

I can send you that for the a056 script and the a126 overworld file if it helps?
You may need to change the flag to whichever suits you (Mine is from when you pick up the Blue Orb that I have now put in the ruins of N's Castle)
But you can probably use the same number if there is no conflicts as i tried to use between 1500-1700 as my flags

Also you may need to add in your own text to a003 for the place you put it in, and repoint the message part of the script etc.


I will check the Regigigas script and see how it compares (Y) Thanks for the heads up - I will try that over the weekend.

I may even trying copying and pasting the BW1 Abundant shrine script for a test...in theory it should carry over if I just alter the flags...but I will see

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It's alright, I got it to work and added Groudon and Rayquaza scripts too. Just a heads up, I figured the command for checking if a certain Pokemon is in your party, so here it is.


28 00 20 80 00 00

14 01 (Lando ID) 20 80

08 00 00 00

11 00 01 00

11 00 06 00

1F 00 FF () 00 00

# Pokemon is not present in party

34 00 (line no.) 00 00 - Normal text when no Lando

32 00

3F 00

1E 00 06 00 00 00

04 00 06 00 00 00

30 00

2F 00

02 00

#When Pokemon is present 

whatever you want to add :D


Hope this helps!


BTW do yo know the script that set when you defeat the E4 and Champ for the first time? It might be useful for me.

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Glad you nailed that:)


And awesome! I will give that a try at somepoint. Big thanks for the heads up :)


The Pokemon League Hall of Fame Script with the PC when you beat Iris, is 290.

The Script for when you battle N in his castle with his dragon is 556. (This is a long script however so be super careful editting - I ballsed it up a few times)

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Thanks so much! I will be using that soon maybe... 


A quick question, do you any certain event when you receive an item or something when you have caught a certain Pokemon? It will be useful for adding Arceus :)


edit: Maybe I could look into Juniper's script... she might have something to do with it as she gives you the permit...

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I haven't done one for catching a certain Pokemon yet...

Well the only real one I have added related to that is from catching Azelf it cleared a flag for Dialga, catching Mesprit for Palkia and Uxie for Giratina.

I then stuck them at the summit of Dragonspiral Tower in a similar way to how they appear at Spear Pillar in Platinum.

Giratina is in the bottom of Wellspring Cave on my rom now.

Albeit the Regigigas script would have been better for this - so I may revisit that at some point



Maybe you should look at Kyurems script for what you are thinking...

As after his battle when he drops the DNA Splicers, clearing a flag for the Pokeball NPC.

That could work for you. The Script is 1208 off the top of my head...

I think I know what you are thinking for adding in Arceus ! Catching all the Pokemon availaible, then you can get him in Nature Preserve / somewhere

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On 6/13/2020 at 7:44 PM, Monty3540 said:

The Pokemon League Hall of Fame Script with the PC when you beat Iris, is 290

You mean 0x290 right?


Edit: ye got some success with 0x290 thanks for the info.. BTW have you figured the command to check Pokemon? It doesn't seem to be there in the pokeball dropped by ghetsis

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If I remember off the top of my head ....

At the bottom of the script (battling Kyurem in normal form), there is an Add NPC command - near his SetFlag 1603 

It should be the DNA splicer item 

If you check the overworld script data for it , you should be able to find the values for the overworld sprite , flag and script

Item ID should match this list :https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_items_by_index_number_(Generation_V)

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Aight, I'll check that out soon, ty!


edit: 1 problem I anticipate is that I might have to write the command used 648 times, which I definitely do not want to do. Maybe I could replace juniper giving you the shiny charm with the azure flute and create an event for arceus..

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