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Modify Save for Rotom Bike - Sword Shield


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After completing Shield with no hacks, I am now playing through Sword.  I have played through Sword to the point of receiving the Rotom Bike but not the ability to drive across water.  I am hoping to speed up my quest.

Is there a way to modify my save file to give my bike that ability to cross water?  In the Inventory Editor, I can change between the Rotom Bike (1) and (2).  If I change to (2), in game, the icon for the bike has the floats, but I still don't have the ability to cross water.  Apparently more is required than simply selecting the Rotom Bike (2).  There must be another variable to manipulate to get that feature.

Any help?




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On 4/24/2020 at 7:36 PM, Delta Blast Burn said:

Based on the info you've given it will be necessart to flag diff between a save just before receiving the floaties, and one just after.

Agreed!  I was hoping someone may have already figured out what else needed to be edited with PKHEX. 


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A bit late but...
you have to go to Block data and then type in the Block Key "7526A53C".
After hitting enter, you should see that it changed to "*Bool KUnlockedWaterModeBike"
Now you change the "Bool 1" to "Bool 2" and it should be finished

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