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Any way to tell in PKHex if a Pokemon from Gen VII will be normal or square shiny before transferring?


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As the title says, is there any way to see if a Shiny Pokemon will have the normal Stars or have Squares when brought to Gen VIII BEFORE sending them to those games?


Also as the last few Gen VII and Let Go events seemly were all Pokemon that are transferable to Sword and Shield, are any of the Shiny ones (Solgaleo/Lunala and Necrozma from SM/USUM and the Krabby event from LGPE) coded to always generate PIDs to be star or square shiny or did they not plan that far ahead?

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You can convert your past-gen Pokémon to PK8s in PKHeX temporarily to view the Shiny Xor. Hover over the Pokémon's PID to see it (0 is Squares, 1-15 are Stars). It will also show the type of sparkles in the top-left corner (yellow Square or red Star). PKHeX doesn't currently show the Shiny Xor on hover outside of Gen 8 save files.


If a Pokémon is Shiny and was met in a Fateful Encounter, its Shiny sparkles will always be Squares regardless of PID, so most Event Pokémon will be Squares instead of Stars.

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