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Saving QR Code Teams and Other Related Pokemon


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It has come to attention that the faithful Global Link will be shutting down soon. However, battle teams from QR code Pokemon will be lost with this. Other Pokemon somehow related to this feature may be lost as well.

I hope these Pokemon may have a way to be extracted that we may attempt to save as many as we can of these.

How can we embark on this undertaking across from not only the Global Link but QR code teams scattered everywhere? This is not my expertise, but I will endeavor to save these Pokemon however possible.

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Sorry for Necroposting,

Well with the USUM Gigaleak, there are some source codes for QR Encoding / Decoding, but i don't understand C++ to see how they handle this info:




I hope someone can check how the game handles the QR Encoding / Decoding since it's data it's binary.

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