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How Do I Swap Sprites?


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So, I downloaded a program or two to help with changing my Pokemon Emerald Rom, most notably Pokemon Game Editor (PGE) and a javascript program that helps me replace sprite colors. Originally, all I really wanted to do was just the colors of the Pokemon sprites. I have some friends who like randomized games too, so the plan was to swap the colors and then send them both normal and randomized versions of the game to enjoy. 

However, after coloring a few sprites, I stumbled upon a few that I just hated. Like, have you seen gen 3 Banette? Gen 3 Poochyena can't even begin to compare to Gen 4 Poochyena. I went through it looks like most Gen 3 Pokemon got their defined design in gen 4 and I want to use the Gen 4 sprites for some if not all Pokemon. How can I open my Gen 4 Rom (HGSS) and export the sprite sheets for use with Pokemon Emerald via PGE? 

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